How do I merge Clients where one has been archived in Xero Practice Manager?

For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, in Xero Practice Manager, you can merge clients which will automatically archive one of the clients. 

In FYI you cannot merge clients in this same way. When using the merge feature in Xero Practice Manager, FYI does not have a way to know that one client was merged into another client. For example, in Xero Practice Manager, Client A is merged to Client B, this will delete the Client A in Xero Practice Manager and archive that client in FYI. The documents of Client A remain in Client A and will not be automatically transferred to Client B in FYI.

You can merge the clients in Xero Practice Manager or in FYI.

In Xero Practice Manager

Use the following steps to move the documents from the archived client to the client in which they were merged in Xero Practice  Manager.

  1. Use the merge feature in Xero Practice Manager to automatically archive one of the clients.
  2. Trigger a Client sync in FYI.  This can be done by any user from the Clients list using the Sync function. Refer to Sync in Using the Clients Lists.
  3. In FYI in the Clients list, set the Status filter to display archived clients. Refer to Archived Clients.
  4. Click the Client name to select the newly archived client in the Clients list.
  5. Display the Documents tab.
  6. Select all the documents and use the Bulk Update to refile the document to the active client. Refer to Bulk Updating of Filing Details.


In FYI, from the Clients list, you can use the Merge function to merge the documents from clients (active, archived and unmatched) to a selected client. Refer to Merge Clients.


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