October 2020: Did You Miss It?



And just like that October is behind us and the Christmas countdown has begun!


We delivered an early Christmas present to FYI users recently – our new Jobs Board. While it may not have been on your wish list, we’ve had some great feedback from firms saying it is completely transforming how they manage workflow especially the ability to drag jobs between job states. In case you missed it, refer to Introducing our new 'kanban' style Jobs Board.



Noticeable changes were also made to the Create Email default Save or Send selection and to reference numbers. Our software is constantly evolving and with the option to have a default practice email signature and user specific ones, we see drafting and sending emails directly from FYI as a winner. So, we changed the Save or Send default to Draft in FYI, in line with what we recommend as best practice. Refer to Sending Immediately or Saving a Draft.


We also updated the internal document reference numbers assigned to all emails and documents. Future emails and documents will no longer be prefixed by the initials of the user who created it but will simply display a series of unique numbers. Refer to Unique Document Reference Number.


Here are a few more key enhancements rolled out in October:

  • We’ve added a new back button – a simple but effective way to move back to the previous document, email, task, job or time in the click of the button. Refer to Using the Document Drawer.

  • Frustrated that document links always open in Preview mode? We’ve solved that with the inclusion of Open in the Doc Link drop-down selection. As the name suggests, an Open link when clicked will open the document or email in Edit Mode. Refer to Copying, or Inserting, and Opening a Document Link.


  • We’ve made it easier for your team to work together on incoming client emails. The Workflow section has been added to the drawer making workflow processes possible. Using a customised document view your team can see all client emails that are yet to be responded to. Refer to Reviewing and Approving Emails and Documents.

  • Your Dashboard – My Recent now defaults to show all the documents that you have modified over the last five days. The document will no longer disappear if another user modifies it. A great way to keep track of what you have been working on for a set period. Refer to Dashboard.

  • Are you completing timesheets in FYI? If so, we have further refined the Dashboard – My Time tab to allow you to finalise your timesheets in here before submitting to XPM. A handy way to include any missing details! Refer to Displaying and Updating Time.

We are also continuing to enhance the Collaborate experience for users and clients. October saw three key additions to this module. Firstly, we’ve added Share Settings for User Groups. This gives all users (not just FYI admin), the permissions to set up Collaborate share and upload folders with clients. We’ve included the ability for your firm to personalise the invitation clients receive when the OneDrive folder links are shared with them. And finally, when sharing a document in co-edit mode with a client, you can rest assured that once you click ‘Finish Co-editing’ in the document drawer the link will no longer be valid. Refer to Collaboration.


What a busy month – though the team are predicating November will be even busier! Possibly even a new feature release (you heard that here first 😉)...


For further details on the features mentioned above, refer to October 2020 Release Notes.



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