Why can I not Co-Edit a document or get the error "Sorry, you don't have access"?


When trying to co-edit a document, you might encounter the following errors:

  • Sorry, you don't have access
  • Access Denied. (Name) does not have permission to access this resource. 


This could be caused by one of the following. See below for the solution for each of these.

The document is locked

If the document has been locked for one of the following reasons you cannot co-edit it.

  • It is currently being edited by another user. Refer to Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents.
  • It has a workflow Status of "Completed", "Approved", "Pending Client Signature" or "Client Signed". A user with the appropriate workflow Approval Level can first change the workflow status. Refer to Workflow Basics.

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The document is a Legacy Document

'Legacy documents' (from old versions of Office such as .doc or .xls) cannot be co-edited.

Export the file, save it as the latest Office version (.docx, .xlsx), import it to FYI and you will then be able to co-edit it (refer to How can I work with old (legacy) Microsoft files such as .xls and .doc?).

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You do not have Permission

When you try to Co-edit, FYI displays a message such as "Sorry, you don't have access" and requires a request for permission. Alternatively, you may receive a message "Access Denied. (name) does not have permission to access this resource". 

This can be caused by:

  • The Cabinets required for Co-edit have not been created
  • The security has not been set up to give access to team members appropriate for the specific folder i.e. access to the OneDrive Admin Account's Co-Edit folder.

The best practice is to use Office 365 groups to enable access for users without having to add and remove users individually. Any users requiring access to Co-Edit will need to be added as group members to avoid receiving permission errors.

To check permissions, open the OneDrive app in FYI, click here and note the Microsoft Group Name in OneDrive Settings. Contact your IT Team to confirm the user have permission issues is a member of the Microsoft Group. Once they have been added, they will be able to refresh their browser and access the document.


An FYI Admin needs to complete the configuration. Refer to Overview to Configuring Collaborate.

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You are using an Unsupported Version of the Desktop Office Application

If you are trying to Co-Edit a document in the desktop version of Office, you may be using an unsupported version of the Office Application. Check you are running the required version of the Office Application.

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