Uploading a New Version of a Document

You can use the Upload section in the document drawer to upload a new version of the document. This could be used, for example, if the document has been exported and changed outside of FYI and then you need to upload the new version to the document in FYI.

Note: The maximum size for an imported file is 500mb.

Using Upload to Upload a New Version

  1. Select the document you want to upload the new version to.
  2. In the drawer, expand the Upload section.
  3. Click Choose a file to display Windows Explorer and select the file to upload from Explored.
    Drag the file to upload onto the Drawer.

    You can only Upload a file type that corresponds to the type of document in FYI. For example, you can only Upload a file with the extension .docx to an FYI Word document.

The file is uploaded and set as the current version in the Version section. Refer to Version History and Creating a New Document Version.

Upload Section not available
The Upload section is not available in the drawer when:

  • The document is currently being edited.
  • The Workflow Status is "Completed", "Pending Client Signature" or "Client Signed".
  • For a Phone Call, File Note or Meeting

Upload would not commonly be used for an email.


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