Removing Access to Shared Documents

Legacy Collaborate has now been superseded by New Collaborate. 

While users will still be able to select the Default Email Template and share links with clients, all other configuration settings have been disabled. 

To upgrade to New Collaborate, refer to Upgrading to New Collaborate.

If you have shared a document directly using the Share button (refer to Sharing Documents via Collaborate) you can remove access to a specific document so the client cannot access it (for example if an incorrect document was shared).

This needs to be done from your OneDrive by someone who has administrator access to your practice's OneDrive. 

If you remove access to the client's folder using the Delete Sharing in the Sharing Settings, this will also remove the client's access to the documents that were shared individually using the Share button (refer to Delete Sharing in Removing Access to the Share Folder and Upload Folder). Any documents that were shared will still display in the Client - Collaborate tab but the client will not have access to them.

Note: If a document or client is archived, the client will continue to have access to the document or any shared folders unless the access is removed.

Removing Access to a Document

  1. Go to your practice's OneDrive folder.
  2. Go to FYI - Clients and display the client name and the folder with the document you need to remove access for.
  3. Right-click over the document name to display the menu.
  4. Select Manage Access.

  5. In the Manage Access popup, click the drop-down next to People you specify can view.

  6. Click the X next to the person you wish to remove the access from.
  7. You are prompted to confirm.
    Click Remove.


Once access has been removed, if the person tries to use the link, they receive a message "Sorry, you don't have access".



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