New features for your email and document templates


Check out the following new features to get your templates really cranking!

New merge fields 

We’ve increased the range of merge fields available for use in auto-created letters and emails.


New fields include:

  • Author Role - assign to any user and add the merge code to your Email Templates or Signature so that titles such as Director, Partner or Accountant can be added to sign-off emails.
  • Reference Number - any inbound or outbound email can be allocated a unique reference number for tracking purposes 
  • Custom Fields - if you have custom fields set up in your practice management software, you can use them as merge fields in your email and document templates in FYI 

Download the complete list of merge fields  from Setting up Document Templates and Stationery and learn how to start using them in your templates.

New Knowledge Cabinets 

Boost productivity and consistency by storing practice templates and other non-client documents such as policies and procedures in knowledge cabinets, easily searched by your team.

  • Provides view access
  • Enables creation of document and email templates
  • Choose who has edit rights to documents to maintain quality 


Refer to Using Knowledge Cabinets.

Who is this available for? 

Document Templates are available to all users on Intermediate and Pro Plans.

Knowledge Cabinets are available to all users on Intermediate and Pro Plans.

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