"Could not find attachments to save" when filing emails with attachments in Outlook desktop


In Outlook desktop, when filing all emails with attachments, an error similar to one of the following displays in the drawer:

  • "Could not find attachments to save. Failed to verify user identity, please log out and back into FYI before trying again".
  • "Could not find attachments to save. Request failed with status code 404"

The emails may be able to be filed from the In Tray in FYI and from Outlook online without any problems.


This could be caused by one of the following reasons; see below for solutions.

Issue with the FYI Add-in connecting to FYI

The error is caused by an issue with the FYI Add-in connecting to FYI, and you will need to log out of the FYI Add-in.

  1. Click the cog icon on the bottom left-hand side of the FYI Drawer. 

    This displays your name and the sign out link.

  2. Click sign out.
  3. Then log in again in the FYI Drawer.
    This will refresh the details used to connect to FYI.

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Incorrect date or regional setting on the user's desktop

If there is an incorrect date or regional setting on the user's desktop this causes an error due to the integration with Microsoft Office on the desktop to create, documents, which does a security check as to the user's authenticity.

Refer to Incorrect date/time or region settings is causing incorrect date format, errors when logging in, opening documents or cannot view clients/documents

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404 error indicates the attachment cannot be found

If encountering a 404 error trying to save the attachment it means the attachment is unable to be found. For example, an email may have been filed in 2020, but at the time the attachments weren't filed. If trying to file the attachments later, the error occurs.

The Microsoft API was updated in 2021 to only allow FYI to retrieve attachments when receiving the email. As a result, the attachments cannot be retrieved by FYI automatically.

To file the attachments, the user will need to upload the attachments manually - refer to the article Drag and Drop for instructions.

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