Announcing new Xero Automations


We’re thrilled to announce two new automations, thanks to our integration with Xero Tax and Xero Ledger. 

Create complete client files with auto-import of tax returns

This new automation provides a complete picture of a client in a single, searchable view.


  • Saves time by avoiding the need to manually open and locate returns within Xero Tax
  • Auto-creates and maintains Web Links to Xero Tax Returns from your client file in FYI.
  • Daily updates with Xero Tax to retrieve all newly issued returns 

Instantly access your client ledger reports with our auto-import

FYI’s automation engine allows you to automatically import batches of reports from your client’s Xero Ledger, into FYI.


  • Automatic naming and filing of trial balance, profit & loss, bank summary and balance sheet reports
  • If the amounts in the ledger change, simply re-run the batch to create a new version of the reports in FYI.
  • Set up to run manually, so only run when a user requests it 

Who is this available for?

These automations are available to all users on the Pro plan. 

Want to get started?

Your FYI Admin can set up and configure the automations.

Refer to Enabling Xero Tax Integration (Australia Only) and Xero Tax Return AutoFile (Australia Only) to learn more about Xero Tax automations.

Refer to Client Ledger Reports AutoFile (Australia and UK) to learn more about Xero Ledger automations.


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