These new document automation features make team collaborate so easy


We’ve released some exciting new features designed to make team collaborate in your accounting practice even easier. 


View Sent Documents 

  • Use the Sent filter to display the date and time documents were sent to or received from clients.
  • Acts as a mail register – records delivery method such as postal service, courier or email, and important details like reference ID.

View documents as ‘read only’ 

  • Open one or more documents as ‘read only’ without locking them from edit access by other users.
  • Select a document and click the ‘read’ button in the tool bar
  • Or use the preview tab in the drawer.

Staple documents 

  • Staple documents together to create a record of them being sent together.
  • Or collate a group of documents for internal review.
  • ‘Stapled’ link in the FYI Drawer opens a dynamic filter of the documents that have been stapled together.

Share Your In Tray 

  • Delegate un-filed documents in your in tray to another user using the share tab in  My Settings.
  • Nominate someone else to check, file and/or delete documents in your in tray on your behalf.


Want to get started?

Learn how to share your in tray - Sharing your In Tray.

Learn more about FYI’s Document Automation features in the section Documents.

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