September 2020 Release Notes





  • In Custom Processes that use a Documents or Jobs View, the Filter since last run option is replaced by the checkmark Run only once per document  This option determines whether or not the automation sends the notification about a document or job only once. Refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications.

    In an example of sending notifications when documents need approval, you can checkmark Run only once per document if you want to notify approvers only once that a document needs approval (that is, when it is initially set to "Pending Approval"). But if you want to send further notifications as reminders if the document is still pending approval, remove the checkmark Run only once per document and Approvers will then need to refer only to the last notification to what they need to currently approve.
  • For date columns in any list, you can use a selector to quickly set the Start Date and End Date. Display the date column filter and click the button next to the dates to display a list of selectors that can be used, for example, "1D" for one day, "2D" for two days, "1M" for one month. Selecting one of these selectors sets the End Date as 'today' with the Start Date set accordingly and relative to todays date. For example, "2D" sets the Start Date as yesterday and the End Date as 'today'. Refer to Filtering on a Date in Sorting and Filtering.

  • A message is displayed very large documents (when the combined documents for a DocuSign signature request exceeds 35.65MB) are requested to send to DocuSign. Refer to Digital Signatures using DocuSign.

Resolved Issues

  • Correction to an error on Notifications when a large number of Notifications were actioned (such as Mark as Read) on a slow network.
  • Corrected an error in Automation - History and Client - Process History tab where filtering on the Status was not working in some cases.
  • Correction to error where sometimes duplicate Jobs were displayed in the Jobs list when filtering by more than one assignee and the selected users are assigned to the same jobs.
  • The Home - My Jobs, Jobs Board now correctly shows the List button to return to the Jobs List.
  • Excel .xlsm macro files that are uploaded to a template are no longer incorrectly getting the extension being changed to .xlsx.
  • Incoming signed documents from Annature are now correctly creating a thread with the originating Web Link document.
  • Documents with a workflow status of "Completed" can no longer be edited.


Resolved Issues

  • Corrected an error in Automation - History tab where filtering on the Status was not working and the Automation menu now displays correctly.
  • Corrected an error in Documents list where filtering on the document Type was not working.



  • Jobs are available as a Jobs Board from the Jobs List, Client - Jobs or your Home - My Jobs and Home - Delegated Tasks. This includes a selection of views. If the client is part of a group, the Jobs Board includes the client's Group Name. You can easily update the Job Status by dragging a Job from one State to another directly on the Jobs Board. When navigating between the Job features in Jobs, Client - Jobs and Home - My Jobs, or when logging out, your choice of the Board or List view is automatically retained. Refer to Using the Jobs Board.

  • The Jobs States that are included in the Jobs Board, and the sequence in which they show from left to right, is determined by the Hide in Board setting and the order in which they are held in Settings - Practice Settings - Documents - Job States. This can be changed by an FYI Admin as required (refer to Job States). If you do not have any Job States enabled for the Jobs Board, a message displays as a reminder.

  • In your Settings - Practice Settings - Admin - Users, any users that are FYI Support users show "Free Account" and you are not being charged for these users. Ensure you leave any FYI Support users active. Refer to Managing Users.

  • When creating individual Time entries, the Status now shows as "Submit", not "Submitted". Refer to Adding Time.

  • In Knowledge - Templates, the Expand icon is available to expand the Name column. Refer to Using Knowledge Cabinets.

Resolved Issues

  • In Adobe Sign, if a document needs to be signed by more than one signer, the documents is now only imported when all parties of the signature envelop sign the document.
  • Searching for Jobs using the Job ID is no longer case sensitive.
  • Correction to issue where deleting documents from the In Tray does not refresh correctly.
  • Correction to issue where different action were available in the File Note tool bar to those in the view.
  • When a document is unstarred, the grid and the count of My Starred now refreshes correctly.



  • When Sticky Views is enabled for your practice, the choice of which view to display in any list (Client, Jobs, Tasks or Documents) is retained not only for the rest of the session, it is now also retained after logging out and logging in again. When a view has been selected in a list, the same view is initially selected in the drop-down for a list when the user logs out and then logs in again, and well as when displaying another list and then returning to that list within the session. Refer to Sticky Views.

  • The details in the Description of Phone Calls, File Notes and Meetings can be copied and pasted using shortcut keys Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v, or by right-clicking to display a pop-up menu with options such as "Select All", "Copy", "Paste".

  • The My Time tab summary for a day shows as bold for any dates that still have Draft time, either incomplete or ready for submitting. The count of the Draft entries in the day summary shows a count of the number of Draft entries, either incomplete or ready for submitting. Refer to Displaying and Updating Time and Adding Bulk Time Entries.
  • Updates to the presentation of the Sharing Settings pop-up from Client - Collaborate tab. Refer to Sharing the OneDrive Folder with the Client.

Resolved Issues

  • Pop-up menu that displays when right-clicking over a document in Dashboard - My Edits this now includes only relevant actions.
  • When saving Tasks, Clients and Jobs views these now provide the option to Create New or Modify Existing.



  • When emails or documents are threaded, clicking the Thread icon in the list displays the Documents list filtered to display only the documents in that thread. Refer to Managing Email Threads.

  • FYI can be integrated with digital signature providers Annature, for digital signing. Refer to Digital Signatures using Annature.

  • When sending documents for signing, the document name is no longer changed to include the service name from returned signed documents. The original document name is retained.

  • On the practice-wide Tasks list, Tasks can be filtered by Job. Refer to Displaying a Practice-wide Tasks List and Sorting and Filtering.

Resolved Issues

  • Corrected an issue where the template file needs to be reloaded when updating the Categories in a template.
  • Correction to Client Custom Fields not displaying as filters if there is a space at the end of the name.
  • Reply, Reply All and Forward can now be used on emails that have the workflow set as "Completed".
  • Correction to issue where using the shortcut "I" to add new time displayed incorrect information in the drawer.



  • Updates to Dashboard - My Time. Refer to Adding Bulk Time Entries and Displaying and Updating Time.
    Time entries that have been created with the Bulk Time Entry function show a highlight where information is incomplete (where the hours for Time has not been entered, or where there is no job selected).
    The buttons used for draft Time entries now show as Submit for a draft entry that is ready to submit and Update when there is still information to add. The Update button displays the Update Time drawer for that entry.

  • When using Advanced Tax-related Merge Fields in a template, if the year or entity type parameters are not included in the Merge Field, defaults are applied. These defaults allow you to set up templates with tax merge fields that can be used when creating documents via an automation or creating documents manually. This avoids having to maintain multiple versions of the same template. It also allows users to manually create documents that include tax merge fields in the event that there is an issue in an automation that uses the same template. Refer to Including Advanced Tax-Related Merge Fields in Word and Excel Templates and Including Advanced Tax-Related Merge Fields in Email Templates.

Resolved Issues

  • When adding Time to a Task or a Job, the Time Notes are prefixed with Task: or Job:, not Tasks: or Jobs:.



  • Addition of the AutoFile else In Tray option in Email Autofile settings (refer to Email AutoFile Settings and Exclusions).

    This now gives two options for In Tray Review:
    - AutoFile else In Tray
    - In Tray Review

    When AutoFile else In Tray is set "On", emails are auto-filed where possible. But if any condition for filing is not met, the email is moved to the user's In Tray.
    When In tray review is set "On", this allows each user to review all auto-filed emails before they are shared with the entire practice.
    The review of any emails in the In Tray can be completed via Outlook or via the FYI Dashboard - In Tray.

  • Updates to the My Time tab. Refer to Adding Bulk Time Entries and Displaying and Updating Time.
    - Column is wider for the Notes.
    - Entries are sorted with the Draft entries with no time added at the top.
    - Any dates that still have Draft time show as bold with a summary of the hours Submitted, any Draft hours and the number of Draft entries.

  • The Create Time drawer shows required fields highlighted. Refer to Adding Time.

  • The Job States include an additional setting "Hide in Board" which can be set to hide any of the Job States in the Jobs Board. Refer to Job States and Using the Jobs Board.

Resolved Issues

  • When cancelling the drawer of an opened document in the Client workspace, additional documents are no longer included in the list.
  • Images can no longer be included in the body of a Task.
  • Time can now be created for a Job with a Status of "On Hold".
  • Creating a task with the Assigned to set as 'Unassigned' no longer gives an error.
  • When an email is initially created as ‘Draft in FYI’ then changed to 'Draft in Outlook' and sent, the File in FYI blue indicator now shows correctly.
  • When columns are added or removed from the Documents list, the Client workspace no longer incorrectly displays.
  • When creating Time and there is only one job, this is automatically selected.



Resolved Issues

  • When adding a Comment from the FYI Drawer in Outlook, the count of the number of comments for that email is now updating correctly to show that the Comment has been saved successfully.
  • Corrected occasional error where threads were not created when responding to an email and saving the email as ‘Draft in outlook’.
  • Corrected error where Co-editing a document gave error 'Could not find document' if the group name ends with a full stop.



  • On Client - Collaborate tab, when sharing the OneDrive folder with the client, you can add multiple users before saving and sending the notification email. Refer to Sharing the OneDrive Folder with the Client.

  • When adding Time:
    - Create Time drawer shows the field as Status (not State)
    - When adding Time for a Task or a Job, the Time Notes are now added automatically as "Task:" or "Job" followed by the subject of the task or the name of the job.
    - The count of time entries in the Dashboard - My Time tab now shows the count of Draft time entries for the individual user for the current week.
    Refer to the section Time.

  • The Refile Old option for Implementors during migration has been renamed as Refile Advanced. Refer to Implementors: Refile Advanced.

Resolved Issues

  • In Automation processes, when displaying or editing multiple steps, corrected an issue where values in fields was carried over from one step to another.
  • Correction to the Jobs selected when a Custom Process uses a Jobs view with a search criteria.
  • In Bulk Update, the Run button now displays correctly for all levels of zoom or screen resolution.
  • When emails are sent from FYI, they now correctly display in the Outlook Sent folder with the Filed in FYI indicator.
  • When an email with an attachment for both a client and user without a default Cabinet setting, the attachment stays as Draft filed and needs to have the Cabinet selected before it can be filed.
  • Signed documents from Adobe Sign are now correctly coming back into FYI with ‘Client Signed’ status.
  • Bulk update correctly updating Web Links.
  • Correction of layout issues when expanding the Cabinet in the Filter Drawer.
  • In Automation Processes, correctly hides archived processes.
  • Corrected issue with the display when the tool bar wraps onto 2 lines.
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