Getting Started as an Implementor

Becoming an FYI Implementation Partner

Who does FYI accept?
To ensure our clients receive only the highest quality of onboarding, we are very considerate when assessing potential implementation partners. To discuss potential opportunities, please contact who will touch base to discuss this further.

It is important to understand the responsibilities of your role as an implementation partner of FYI. We are here to serve you, but as you will be the key contact of your clients, there are certain activities you will be expected to perform. 

These responsibilities will be discussed as part of your onboarding.

Onboarding Process
The onboarding process for new implementation partners is broadly outlined below. To begin the process, please contact our team as outlined above.

  • Attend a Sales Demo
    To understand FYI as a product, its market fit and why users choose us when it comes to document management, join a demo anytime. Register here. 

  • Attend a kick-off meeting with the Client Success Team
    This call aims to provide a brief overview of the implementation process, the joint responsibilities, and the special functionality provided to our implementation partners.

  • Attend a training session with the Client Success Team
    In this session, we will show you how we recommend onboarding new clients, and step you through the best-practice methods of our onboarding journey.

  • Collaborate with FYI on initial implementations
    The first few FYI implementations you complete, you will likely require the assistance of the FYI Client Success team to direct you to appropriate resources, answer questions, and migrate data. Our team will upskill you so that you can scope, quote, and perform the onboarding and data migration confidently yourself.

Setting up an FYI Trial on behalf of a client

As an implementor, you will be assisting your clients with a range of tasks, one of the first ones being the setup of a new trial. You can create a trial on behalf of your client. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, be sure to use the correct Xero Practice Manager ID and email address when configuring.

Tip: For either of the cases outlined below, we suggest creating a unique browser profile for each of your clients. This will provide you easy access, in the future, to log in to each of your client sites. You can do this in Google Chrome, or your preferred browser. For information on how to create a Chrome profile, refer to the Google help article Share Chrome with others.

To set up an FYI trial:

  • If you are a Microsoft 365 user yourself.
    1. Ensure you are using an appropriate Microsoft 365 plan. Refer to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice.

    2. Create a free support user that you will use for this client.
      Refer to Adding New Users Directly to FYI in Managing Users. Your support user name should be:

      For example, if your client is "Accountants Forever",
      and your implementor domain is "",
      the support user would be ""

      It is important to follow this support user convention as it will allow us to provide you with some additional admin functionality to assist your clients.

    3. Use this free support user to create the trial instance and log in to FYI. 

  • If you do not have Microsoft 365 yourself. Have a support user arranged by your client:
    1. Ensure your client is already on the appropriate Microsoft 365 plan. Refer to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice.

    2. Ask your client to create a free support user for you. Refer to Adding New Users Directly to FYI in Managing Users.

    3. Use this free support user to create the trial instance and log in to FYI

Once you create your client's free trial, ensure you log in with the support user that either you created or your client created for you. This will ensure their FYI instance is linked to their Microsoft 365 account, rather than to yours. 

If you are operating in a browser profile specific to that client (as per our Tip above), you can even tell Microsoft 365 to remember your credentials (as it is completely separate from your personal account).

Accessing an FYI demo account

All of FYI’s implementation partners will be given access to a demo account in due course. We want you to have access to a free account so that you test the product, and demo it to interested customers.

Login details for this demo account will be issued as part of the onboarding process.

Upon receipt of the credentials, we suggest you create a new profile in Chrome (refer to the Google help article Share Chrome with others), bookmark FYI, Outlook and Office and you are up and running. 

Do I need Microsoft 365 and Xero Practice Manager or practice management software to demo FYI?

No, you just need Google Chrome. The demo account details we provide you will include everything you need.

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