Client - Collaborate Tab

Support has now ended for Legacy Collaborate.

To upgrade to New Collaborate, refer to Upgrading to New Collaborate.

The Collaborate tab in the Client workspace displays all documents that have been shared with the client using the following Collaborate features:

  • Using the Share function and selecting Send via Collaborate; or 
  • Attached to an email and selecting Send via Collaborate

Note: Any documents sent via email are not included.

Note: Documents sent for signing with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Annature or FuseSign (using the Signature button) are not included in the Client - Collaborate tab.

Refer to Sharing Documents via Collaborate and Creating an Email by Selecting Attachments in FYI and the section Collaborate.

1111 Collaborate with Co-edit with Client.gif

Sharing the Shared Folders with the Client

From the Client - Collaborate tab you can share a OneDrive folder with the client.

The Sharing Settings can only be accessed by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Share Settings. Refer to Managing User Groups and Sharing the Share Folder with the Client.

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