Filing Email from another User's Outlook

Note: Microsoft advised in October 2023 there is a technical issue preventing users from accessing add-ins for delegated mailboxes. Until this has been resolved, you will not be able to complete the steps below, and must log directly into the user's Outlook account to file emails into FYI.

Microsoft 365 includes an option to delegate a mailbox to another user. This could be used to delegate access to the mailbox, for example, to an assistant or to a trusted co-worker. It allows the delegated person access to the person's mailbox, and also to file emails to FYI on behalf of the owner of the mailbox.

  • The owner of the mailbox needs to delegate the mailbox to the other person and grant relevant permissions.
  • The person delegated needs to use Outlook Online to ensure the FYI filing function is available. They need to first add the mailbox as a shared folder.
  • Both users must be licensed users in FYI and both users must be using Microsoft 365 accounts.

Note: The delegator can alternatively share their FYI In Tray with the other user (refer to Sharing your In Tray), but if you want another user to file directly from your Outlook, it needs to be set up as a shared mailbox (for example, in case there are delays with the autofiling to the In Tray).

There are several options in Outlook that allow you to access another person's email. Use the following method as the recommended way and this ensures the FYI Add-in is available to file emails in FYI. This method also avoids any method where you need to know the other person's password.

Delegating access and Accessing the User's Outlook

Important Note: Delegating access and accessing the user's Outlook as the delegated user is functionality provided by Microsoft and is only summarised below as a guideline. For details, and how to set permissions, refer to Microsoft help.

Delegator delegates his/her Mailbox to another user
This is done from your Outlook desktop using File - Account Settings - Delegate Access. Refer to the Microsoft help article https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/allow-someone-else-to-manage-your-mail-and-calendar-41c40c04-3bd1-4d22-963a-28eafec25926

You may also need to set folder permissions by right-clicking on the top level of the mailbox and selecting Folder Permissions. In the Properties, display the Permissions tab, select the name of the person you have delegated and add permissions.

Delegated User accesses the Mailbox and Files Emails in FYI

  1. From Outlook Online, right-click over Folders and select Add Shared Folder.
  2. Enter the name of the person who has delegated their mailbox to you. This will display as a known email address.

    The folder with the delegator's name is included under your folders on the left-hand side.

To Open an Email from another User's Mailbox and File Email in FYI

Important Note: This can only be done from Outlook Online.

  1. Click the User menu in the top right-hand corner (typically the user initials are displayed)


  2. Select Open another mailbox
  3. Type in the Delegator's name


  4. A new window will open with the delegator's mailbox
  5. Select an email, and file as usual

If the FYI Add-in is not displayed, in the body of the email, on the right-hand side, click the More Actions option which shows as the ellipsis (...) icon, and select FYI for Outlook.

The delegated user files the email from the FYI drawer in the usual way.

  • If the client does not have Filing Defaults (for Cabinet and Categories), the delegator's defaults are offered.
  • When filed, the email displays in the delegator's Home - My Recent tab.
  • The Activity section shows the name of the delegated user as the person who filed the email.
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