March 2019 Release Notes




  • Added tax string filter

  • Provided a filter for State on the client tax tab

  • Jobs Open button

  • Tax Open Button

  • Show count of comments on the tab (documents and tasks)

  • Provision Defaults


  • Uploading huge files throws an error in the console

  • Error on My Settings toggling Email notifications

  • On the welcome/signup page, if I clear the practice name the form still staying valid

  • Latest notification alert does not appear at the top

  • Typing the user name in the comment box is difficult along with the suggested user popup list

  • Ontraport not updating

  • Remove the option for 'Account' category is redundant

  • Default auto file client settings do not save 'Account' & 'Job' category details



  • Large file upload - Progress

  • Deleted document header if error creating

  • Added jobs sync request

  • Better error message opening a document

  • Added Manual Sync Jobs to FYI


  • PDF docs not saving

  • Job name selection



  • Client Signed Import


  • No Save View icon on her FYIApp

  • Bulk filing throws callback error

08.03.2019 New Features Round Up

What makes FYI truly unique is its ability to perform repetitive processes across your compliance jobs on your behalf through automation. Today we are pleased to release another significant set of new features that automate the gathering of data across the Xero suite, together with significant enhancements to improve team and client collaboration.

Automatic Import Of Tax Returns

The FYI document store has been designed to provide a ‘complete picture’ of a client in a single, searchable view. Via automation, FYI can automatically create and maintain weblinks in the document store to every client’s Xero Tax returns. This delivers time savings by giving direct access from the client’s file in FYI to their tax return and avoids team members having to manually open and locate returns within Xero Tax.

Automatic Import Of Client Ledger Reports

While the cloud can mean instant access to a client’s ledger, many practices still prefer to retain a set of substantiating reports when completing client accounts. To sat, filed and named correctly, you can now link each client in FYI to their Xero Ledger. Via process automation, you can run a batch of reports with a single click (e.g. Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Bank Summary, Balance Sheet), with all the reports instantly named and filed, without ever having to leave FYI.

Jobs And Tax Tabs For Every Client

FYI is fast becoming a lens used to view the entire client. This latest update delivers two new tabs for each client:

    • The Jobs Tab lists each of the jobs created in Xero Practice Manager for the client, including information such job status and current WIP balance.

    • The Tax Tab lists each of the tax returns created for the client in Xero Tax. Like the Jobs Tab, the Tax Tab is dynamically populated, avoiding the need to open multiple systems to understand the current client position.


Document And Task Comments

When working on a complicated document or challenging task, there are times that team members within your practice need to collaborate – asking each other questions or giving updates to the team on individual progress. With the latest FYI update, each user can add comments on the back of any document or task, tracking the conversation and automatically recording it on the client file. To view comments in FYI, simply highlight the document or task and click ‘Comments’ on the side of the FYI Drawer.

OneDrive Watch Folders

Via our integration with Office 365, FYI has created watch folders for every user. Simply drag and drop documents into the folder and have them appear directly in your FYI In tray, ready for filing. The OneDrive watch folders can also be used when printing to PDF from any application or in conjunction with your network scanner, seamlessly adding batches of documents straight into FYI.

Primary Client

A common insight from our clients is that there are often times where a single email address is used across multiple clients in Xero Practice Manager. To ensure that the FYI email-filing always saves email to the appropriate contact, you can now denote a ‘Primary Contact’ in FYI.

Notifications On Completed Task

To ensure you are always in the loop, FYI now sends the delegator of a task an email notification as soon as an assignee completes a task. This instant notification will improve communication and reduce follow up in your firm. 

If you’d like to see FYI in action, join a live product demonstration webinar or start a free 30-day trial today.



  • Displayed recent invoices from Stripe

  • Document Aside - placeholder loading

  • Download progress is shown when clicking 'Export' on a large document

  • Client Apps - Design like Automation Apps

  • Enhancements to tax return import


  • Mark Sent action does not change the "Modified On" date

  • The filename is not getting saved added at the time of upload

  • An error is displayed in the console for Send Via OneDrive option

  • Send Via - the cancel button at the top & bottom do not work

  • Job field is not copied when the document is copied

  • Request accounts from Client Xero App



  • Default portal configuration when creating a new practice

  • XPM App - Request sync Tax Returns

  • Redirect users to FYI - My Imports if the file is greater than 50MB

  • Shows link to support if an error is encountered on creating customer (welcome page)

  • Shows link to support if an error is encountered on login

  • Default Job column if enabled on Cabinet


  • A sync message 'Marking read' does not make any sense to the user in the notification tab

  • Request accounts from Client Xero App

  • Export (download) does not work consistently in Chrome, Edge & Firefox browser

  • Vertical scroll for the "My Recently used" client list in Firefox browser

  • Default auto-filing 'Account' details do not appear for the client

  • Send Via option do not open if I choose an option from Document Preview pane

  • Open office using option does not work all the time in My Settings

  • Jobs and Accounts are not getting saved in document aside

  • Files are not getting imported using folder FYI - My Imports



  • Unable to filter documents using Account or Job column

  • Added 'What's new' section

  • Enhancement request - sorting category options

  • Enhancement request - for Year filing

  • Enhancement request - Ability to add FYI Users, not in XPM

  • Enhancement request - to change default of the tasks created to 'Not Started'


  • "Format" error for the importing Trial balance report

  • Email do not get opened properly using Open with "Desktop" & "Online" options

  • Page reloads when closing Plan Settings popup without any change

  • Button colours on billing details popup are inconsistent with the theme of the application

  • OneDrive My Imports folder seems to keep repopulating the same documents into our trays

  • Emails trying to open on the desktop

  • Unable to filter document using Job / Account column values in document grid



  • Re-enabled office side-panel for new documents

  • Changed client - assigned job/account defaults


  • Excelsheet name "SheetJS" excel files fetched by the client ledger report auto file process

  • Automation execution report shows "Requested by Unknown" in the Process Activity tab

  • Autofiling - 'Account' & 'Job' default auto-filing options in outlook

  • Another client's Job & account details are getting saved

  • Work type category is not getting saved for the step in the Client Ledger Automation Report

  • 'Account' & 'Job' details are missing for the reports generated by the system in automation



  • Filter user changes in UI to what is applicable

  • Jobs Workspace

  • Jobs menu to top row

  • Jobs - Moved client column to second in the list

  • Client column in Jobs grid should be a link the client workspace (same as documents grid does)

  • Enabled Tasks tab for Jobs workspace


  • Sorting on Client column in document/tasks removes documents of "No Client"

  • Client field is Unknown in the task notification email alert

  • If the cabinet is null for a document, it should be allowed for user_role cabinets.

  • Export option available in Preview document section do not download the document

  • Filing details in steps for the Client Ledger reports are not getting saved if more than one step

  • is present in the process

  • Task details are getting saved to other unrelated tasks

  • File Extension error with multiple full stops

  • Tooltip is wrongly placed for FYI News & FYI Help menu at the top

  • Spell correction in XPM integration popup in automation

  • Changing default category for a client, is clearing the Xero app configuration



  • More contact details

  • Job Details Card - Provide link to Xero

  • Jobs - Provide sorting by Status, Value, Name, Start, End


  • Sorting on Client column in document/tasks removes documents of "No Client"

  • For Signature task message should be displayed in case user level is not assigned to the requested user



  • Auto extract attachments option

  • Jobs Summary page to be laid out the same as Clients Summary Page

  • Activity Status to white when selected

  • Task Aside - Loading to use content load panel

  • Tidied cabinet toggles

  • If a trial is past_due, and the user enters a CC, the account stays as past_due

  • Documents sent via OneDrive must be shared with "Specific People"


  • "Last financial year" date range does not fetch correct data for profit and loss report in client ledger

  • Clients default Job & Account details do not for Phone Call, File Notes & Meeting document



  • Enhancement Request to make the screen larger in previewing a doc

  • Enhancement Request for Task due date

  • Moved task from the 'Practice Menu', to its own menu along the Navigation bar ... should be right of Jobs.


  • Presentation document is blocked in Firefox browser

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