May 2019 Release Notes




  • Sticky Views.
    In Practice Settings, an FYI Admin can be select the Sticky Views setting so that, when a user selects a particular view in any list, that choice will be their default for the rest of the session (that is, until they logout). This means that when a view has been selected, when the user displays any other list and then redisplays that list, the same view will still be initially selected in the drop-down. Refer to Sticky Views.

  • Action bar added to Jobs
    This holds the Open Job and Open in XPM buttons. Refer to Opening a Job from the Jobs Workspace.
  • Integration with Zapier
    You can use Zapier to automate dataflow between FYI and other platforms, for example, to connect to Dropbox, Practice Ignition, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., and to automatically import and file documents in FYI. As an example, if a client has given your practice access to their Dropbox, when the client has a new file in a specified folder, you can use Zapier to import these directly from the client's Dropbox into FYI. Refer to Integration with Zapier.
  • XPM Tasks and XPM Milestone sections added to the Job drawer.
    Refer to Opening a Job from the Jobs Workspace.

  • Comments on Process Steps. 
    Automatic notifications can be set up via Comments that are defined and triggered as part of process automations. This ensures that your practice is aware of any documents that have been imported, filed or changed automatically as a result of an Automation process. When setting up Automation processes (such as a Xero - Tax Return) you can include a step that creates a Comment. This allows your practice to set up an automatic alert system for any of the automation functions. Refer to Notification via Comments.

  • Bulk Import from Xero Practice Manager will match FirstName LastName format
    In Xero Practice Manager, the client name is held in the format "Last Name, First Name". If you have set up your filing structure as "First Name Last Name", FYI will also check for this format so that documents will be imported against the relevant client name.


  • Corrected the selection for Job, when saving multiple documents from Outlook.

  • On the Client workspace, selection for the Partner or Manager filter is now shown correctly.



  • Process step comment allows merge fields to be selected.
    When setting up automatic notifications for processes via Comments, merge codes can be added to the comment. Refer to Notification via Comments.

  • Weekly Summary Email.


  • Corrected reload when client is selected when creating a document. The client selector was reloading after each key press after 3 characters had been entered.

  • Icon for Sent email was displaying differently if email was selected for AutoFile from Outlook. Now shows the email icon for the 'Sent Email' as solid blue in colour.

  • Correction of duplication of AutoFile attachments when sent via external email to more than one recipient internally.
  • Catch global web error and redirect. If a web page encounters an error, such as reading from an undefined object, this is now redirected to the error page and logged to device.log.

  • Correction for issue where Jobs were not created if the budget was a large number, more than 6-7 digits. 
  • Apps section shows grey background for BGL, DropBox & Xero Ledger in Firefox & chrome browser


  • Sync jobs from FYI to Xero Practice Manager. If you update the State of the job in FYI, this will be updated to the job in Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Displaying and Maintaining Jobs.
  • Added Outlook as a source on Documents >Import/Export. For information about using Outlook or FYI Direct as the import Source, please contact FYI support.



  • Changed default view to be "Incomplete" on all Task lists.


  • Comment & Task details section of automation process step is not refreshing when navigated through steps

  • Some states are not coming in Job State filter column

  • Excel s/sheet with preview issues



  • Quick Access to recently Used Clients. You can click the down arrow next to the Clients menu option from any of the lists or workspaces to display the last 20 clients that you used. Refer to Clients Workspace.

  • Weekly stats.  This option is only available for FYI Admins. In your Profile settings, When set to "On" you will receive a weekly email summary of the transactions that have taken place with various apps connected to FYI.  Refer to Setting Defaults and AutoFile Defaults for your Own Login.
  • Changes to the text in the email that is sent when a task is completed.


  • An error message displays if the excel file doesn't exist.



  • Added merge fields for BankBSB and BankAccountNumber.


  • Add Job - comments are no longer available as there is no job to save against.

  • Create Task - comments are no longer available as there is no task to save against.
  • After logging out and in again, tab order on dashboard and client workspace are now retained.
  • Auto Notification salutation email for a completed task now goes to the Delegator.

  • Dashboard - My Jobs tab counter, with the total number of Jobs created, now excludes jobs that are hidden.



  • When editing an email via the Desktop, the Preview button no longer displays. The email can be opened from the Drafts folder in your Outlook.

  • Provided an additional option for logout timeout for 8 hours.


  • In the Recent Clients quick access drop-down, displays ‘You have no recent clients’ if the user has no recent clients.

  •  Auto-generated emails when tasks are completed are now sent to the delegator, not to the assigned user.

  • My Tasks, My Jobs, and Delegated Tasks no longer display the Save View button.

  • Tasks - View selector is now on the left, next to the Select button, for consistency.

  • An email can now be opened from Bulk Export




  • In lists, where an email has attachments, the Email has attachments icon (the paperclip) displays next to the email.

  • Where there are threads in a trail, you can see the emails/document that are in the thread in the Thread section of the Drawer. When you click on one of the threads in the Drawer, it now automatically displays it in the Preview pane and the currently selected document in the thread displays with a grey background in the Thread section of the Drawer.
  • When sending a document, in the Send Drawer, the default Create as Draft is now set as "On". When you click Create, the email is displayed in Outlook so you can make any changes to the email and then send it. You can change Create as Draft to "Off" so that the email is sent immediately, without opening the email.

  • Clicking the Job Name on the Jobs Workspace now opens the job with the multiple tabs.
    To display the Drawer for a Job, select it on the workspace by clicking in the list anywhere other than the Job Name or the Client name. Refer to Opening a Job from the Jobs Workspace.


  • Fixed error when creating a weblink that cleared the URL.



  • Recent Documents section has been added to the Job Drawer. This allows you to display the recently added documents for a job. By selecting a document in the Recent Document section, you can use the Preview pane to easily show a preview of that document. 

  • Improved the speed on filtering documents by categories.

  • You can re-order the sequence of the tabs in the Jobs workspace and the order is retained when you logout and login again.


  • Document Preview now stays open when clicking the next document.



  • Where an email has attachments that have been auto-filed, in the Drawer for the email, you can expand the Attachments section to see the name(s) of the attachments that have been auto-filed. Click on one of these to go to that document in the list.


  • On the Clients - Tax tab, the Open button now only displays when a row is selected in the list.

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