June 2019 Release Notes




  • Added a more precise indicator for when a document is being synced back from OneDrive.
    This may the case if it is a large document is being synced. If relevant, the following icon displays. This ensures that a document is not accessed while it is still syncing.

  • In Outlook, in the FYI Drawer, the FYI Delete button has been renamed to Delete.

  • Renamed 'FYI Delete' button to 'Delete'

  • Addition of the Corporate Affairs in the Clients Workspace.
    For a selected Client, the Corporate Affairs tab provides a summary of the ASIC annual company register statements. This shows the status of the statements (for example, if the annual review fee has been paid). These documents each hold a link to open the ASIC statement directly from the relevant third-party system such as NowInfinity. 

    To enable the information in the Corporate Affairs tab, the relevant compliance App (for example, NowInfinity) needs to be enabled by an FYI Admin for your practice. Refer to Automation Apps.


  • Correction to error when sending a notification with an invalid character.
  • Corrected an invalid character error when sending a notification.



  • Synchronisation on client name to auto-detect FirstName, LastName.
    For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, in Xero Practice Manager, the client name is held in the format "Last Name, First Name". If the client is held in FYI as "First Name Last Name", FYI will also check for this format to find the relevant client name when syncing with FYI with the Xero Practice Manager process (refer to  Xero Practice Manager (Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs and Tax Returns).

  • Addition of Email Signature Stationery that will always be automatically used when a user creates an email in FYI.


  • Processes now filter correctly for Starter plan.


  • Allow Jobs to be added from FYI with the+ New button.

  • Job Details in the Drawer is now a section. To display the details of a job, click on the job Name in the workspace. This displays the Drawer. Click the Details section to expand this.



  • Quick Access to Recently Used Jobs. You can click the down arrow next to the Jobs menu option from any of the lists or workspaces so you can select one of the last 20 jobs that you used. Refer to Quick Access to Recently Used Jobs and Views.


  • Faster loading of the quick access list of Recently Used Clients.
  • An automatic email will now be sent if an assignee rejects a task.


  • In the FYI Drawer, cosmetic changes to the format of the Activity section.
  • Attachments are only auto-filed once an email is filed in FYI, not if an email is awaiting filing (for example, still in a User's In Tray).


  • Where a task has been created for a document or email, the name displays in the Document field of the task Drawer and clicking this now opens the filing fields of the relevant document in the Drawer. When this is displayed, to redisplay the task, click the Task link in the details of the associated document. Refer to Displaying Task Details.
  • In Automation, when opening a process with steps, this shows a summary of what each step does. Refer to Automation Process Steps.
  • From an opened process, when editing or adding steps, icons have been added to show which of the actions in a step are being used. Refer to Automation Process Steps.



  • The Automation dashboard is now accessed from the menu at the top of the screen (this was previously displayed from Settings - Practice Settings - Automation).

    An FYI Admin uses the Automation dashboard in the same way as before (refer to Automation Dashboard). A standard user only sees the Processes and Apps tabs and sees the options that are available, but cannot make any changes to any settings.


  • Cosmetic change to how documents display in the Attachments section in the Drawer.

  • Hotkeys are disabled on the welcome and login page.

  • User groups are available to FYI Admins only.

  • For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, Jobs created in FYI are now showing in Xero Practice Manager.



  • Search for a client by Export Code or Client Code.
    For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, the Client Contact Details holds the Export Code and Client Code from Xero Practice Manager (refer to Displaying Documents and Information for a Client).
    You can also use these codes when searching for a client. Enter all or part of the Export Code or Client Code in the same way as you would enter all or part of the client Name to find a client.


  • Fixed blank content when previewing emails in Firefox browser.
  • Fixed incorrect text format with Firefox and Chrome in description input field for a client.



  • Added Reference as a Merge field which can be used to include the unique, internal Reference number that is allocated to every document in FYI. Refer to Unique Document Reference Number,
  • Added Tax Number as a Merge field for Tax File Number.


  • For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, Client Code merge field now correctly picks up the client code from Xero Practice Manager.



  • Email templates. Correction to an issue with the space of text.

  • Group drop-down now correctly displays when a client is selected from "Recent Client" list.

  • Graphic image of Email Signature is now showing.

  • For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, Jobs created in FYI are now showing in Xero Practice Manager.



  • Addition of the Knowledge menu option and the Knowledge workspace. This is available as a resource area for your practice. The Knowledge workspace displays the Templates tab so that all users can see a list of all the Templates that have been set up for your practice. Refer to Using Knowledge Cabinets.

    Emails and documents can be created from the Knowledge - Templates tab, by selecting the relevant template and clicking Create. Refer to Creating Emails from Templates and Creating Documents from Templates.

    The Knowledge Workspace can also include additional tabs for the Cabinets that have been set up to hold resource documents for your practice, for example, Policies and Procedures. These Cabinets are included in the Knowledge workspace by setting Enable Knowledge as "On" and they can be set up with restricted access if required. Refer to Managing Cabinets.
  • Setting has been added to User Groups to allow users in that group to add and change templates (previously only allowed by FYI Admins). Refer to Creating User Groups, Creating Email Templates and Creating Templates for Word, Spreadsheet or Presentation.


  • Emails created via the Send wizard are no longer being duplicated after being sent from Outlook

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