July 2019 Release Notes




  • Easy access to preview an email or document with the Full Screen icon. Refer to Previewing an Email and Previewing a Document.
  • Merge Fields codes in Email Template the Email are grouped into categories (for example, Client, Xero Tax, Xero Ledger). Refer to Creating Email Templates.
  • Sync function on Clients list. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, if the synchronisation of clients ever needs to be run at any other times (for example, a new client has been added to or changed in Xero Practice Manager and needs to be available in FYI straight away) this can be done by any user from the Clients workspace with the Sync function. This will only sync the clients.
  • Inactive or deleted users are not included in selection drop-down lists such as the Assignee for a Task.


  • Sending a document via OneDrive does not result in duplicated emails.


  • Ability to staple documents together. Refer to Stapled Documents and Using the Documents Lists.
    When you select more than one document in a list, the Staple button displays. Refer to Selecting Documents in a List in Using the Documents Lists for details on how to select multiple documents and to Tool Bar Functions.

  • Added Knowledge workspace. The Knowledge workspace displays all the templates that have been set up for your practice. Refer to Using Knowledge Cabinets.

    You can also set up Cabinets that will be additionally included as a tab in the Knowledge workspace. A tab for the Cabinet will only be included in the Knowledge workspace if the Cabinet has Enable Knowledge set as "On" (refer to Cabinets). These Cabinets can be set up with restricted access if required (refer to User Groups).

    As well as FYI Admin, users in a User Group that has Administer Knowledge enabled can also add new templates and make changes to templates. Refer to User Groups.


  • Added option in Email AutoFile for Maintain thread filing state. When this is enabled for your practice, when the latest email in the thread has its filing state changed (filed/removed), this will apply that filing state to all previous emails in a thread. It is recommended to set this to "On".

    Making a change to this setting will apply it from the time it is turned on/off and it does not back date changes. Refer to Email AutoFile Settings and Exclusions.



  • In the Drawer, where a document is referenced in any of the Drawer sections, the link shows the  document name as well as the hyperlink to the relevant document.
  • Added the Open in PM button to Client - Summary in Contact Details to open the client in your practice management software. Refer to Displaying Documents and Information for a Client.


  • The default filing is now to the to or from user of an email, and not a user in the CC.


  • A new Share tab has been added to your My Settings. The Share tab is used to redelegate unfiled documents in your In Tray. This can use useful, for example, if you are going to be away and you need someone else to check and file or delete documents in your In Tray for you. You can select one or more users to share your In Tray with. Refer to Individual Settings.



  • The Jobs Workspace includes an ID column which displays the Job ID. You can search for a Job by its ID, by entering the ID in the Search Jobs filter. Refer to Using the Jobs Lists.


  • Quick Access to recently used Jobs.
    You can click the down arrow next to the Jobs menu option from any of the lists or workspaces to select one of the last 20 jobs that you used.

  • In My Settings - Profile (refer to Setting Defaults and AutoFile Defaults for your Own Login), the toggle for an individual to set AutoFile Email Attachments is disabled if the AutoFile Email Attachments setting for your practice is set to "Off" *refer to Email AutoFile Settings and Exclusions).

  • When creating a new document (with the + New button) the list of available templates will only show those that are relevant for the type of new document you are creating. Refer to Creating Documents from Templates.

  • If a document is an attachment of another document, the parent document name is displayed in the Attachments summary section in the Drawer with a link to the document. Refer to Email Attachments.




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