Filing Attachments in Outgoing Emails

Outgoing client emails created in FYI can include attachments that are documents already filed in FYI.

For any outgoing emails that you are sending with attachments, the attachments will never be auto-filed, as they often will already be in FYI (preventing duplicate documents).

  • You can send an email from your Outlook and attach a document that is not already in FYI, for example, selecting the file from Windows Explorer. In this case, filing the attachment from the sent email will always create the attachment as a separate document in FYI.

  • You can create emails in FYI and include attachments that are documents already filed in FYI.

Outgoing Emails with Attachments Sent from your Outlook

If replying to an email in Outlook that has already been filed in FYI, or creating a new email directly in Outlook, you can file the attachments from the Attachments section of the FYI Drawer. This can be done using the Drawer in either FYI or from your Outlook.

  • When using In Tray Review, this can be done either before filing the email (from your In Tray) or after filing the email (in your My Recent).

  • If the email has been auto-filed, this can be done from your My Recent tab.

Filing Attachments in an Outgoing Email

The following is an example of the Attachments section in the drawer of an outgoing email that has been filed. The Attachment section is used in the same when the email is Draft Filed.


Before filing the attachment, if needed, you can change the name of the attachment.

  1. Click the check box next to the attachment and the name becomes editable.

  2. Change the name and click File to file the attachment with the new name.


If no change is needed to the name, click the attachment to file it.


The attachment shows as a separate document. It shows the name of the email that it was attached to. You can click the link to open the email.


The attachment can also be accessed from the email at any time.


If there is more than one attachment, you can use the checkboxes to mark the ones you want to file and click File to file them at the same time.


Outgoing Emails with Attachments that are Documents in FYI

When you are sending an email with attachments by selecting one or more documents that are filed in FYI, you do not need to file any of the attachments as they are already filed in FYI.  Refer to Creating an Email by Selecting Attachments in FYI.

When the sent email is filed, you can open the Attachments section and click on the attachment to display the drawer for that attachment. You can also click the Open icon to open the document that was sent as an attachment. The attachment cannot be saved as a separate document in FYI as it is already a filed document.


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