January 2019 Release Notes




  • Updated email editor control

  • Added disconnect option to Xero Blue Integration

  • Upload Document Background

  • Welcome Privacy Copy

  • Updated Import Layout

  • Removed the 'Invalid' toggle for check results (just show invalid)

  • Automation Menu

  • Updated process add page


  • Email preview does not render apostrophe character

  • Incorrect import message when it failed to import the files

  • Xero Sync is throwing connection timeout errors

  • Unable to import files with only cabinet followed by category structure

  • The newly added category does not get recognised in import validation

  • The subject line of the Send via OneDrive/ Email says "Re:"

  • Handle error unknown user for subscription

  • The body of the email is blank in the email preview

  • Blank email error in logs



  • UI Handle call to foundry to download email

  • Change open email to download Email to OneDrive

  • Search Processes should filter the processes by their name

  • Process Filters

  • Move automation menu to Practice Settings


  • Job dropdown does not appear when a document is created from client workspace

  • Imported documents does not appear in practice document list



  • Updated Import Layout

  • Documents should not be deleted if they are in Edit mode

  • Process card settings redesigned

  • Added support for XLS, PPT, DOC

  • Bulk importer should not re-import document



  • Changed message on PDF edit screen

  • Added Process status filter for 'Available'

  • Changed background of non-active processes

  • Displayed 'Plan' on Process Index/Table Page

  • Changed tab name on client workspace from 'Integrations' to 'Integration Apps'

  • Removed the 'Remove Step' button from aside, add as a column to the table

  • Email Templates - Subject Line Not Populating


  • UI issue on the client integration page for the Xero

  • Drag & drop documents create UI issue in Edge browser

  • Template category is not getting selected

  • Clicking on the Create Template button shows error

  • Create stationery shows error

  • Forced Logout - FYI and Outlook Online FYI Drawer



  • Process Activity

  • Client Processes Page

  • Activity - Support Process column filter

  • Activity - Client/Started filtering

  • Process - quick change step


  • Error uploading signature for a user

  • Error uploading signature

  • Error displaying preview for specific email



  • Changed 'FYI ā€“ Import' to 'FYI ā€“ Bulk Import'

  • Highlighted selected activity

  • Fixed client detail not updating from XPM

  • Added refresh button to process activity grid

  • Added refresh button to process grid

  • Added Client activity tab


  • The loading bar is displayed when cancelling the action on import configuration tab

  • Task Message/Details in the Process Aside is not displaying any data

  • Document grid extra buttons

  • Process steps re-ordering and removing on change

  • When deleting a clients email from XPM the deletion is not syncing to FYI clients



  • Changed 'FYI ā€“ Import' to 'FYI ā€“ Bulk Import'

  • Enabled Email Sentiment process

  • Enabled Calendar Modal

  • Support setting alias on login

  • No Processes Available

  • Email Save attachment link


  • Client View - Group data and Recent Documents

  • Export popup has UI issue in Edge browser

  • Long file name creates UI issue for import pane

  • User edit - Enforce Email Alias to be an email

  • Downloading document shows activity "Started Editing"

  • Drag & drop complete folder creates an error in the console

  • Task status filter in "My Tasks" & "Delegated Tasks" do not work

  • Different clients are selected in tasks of the client workspace

  • The page title is missing for the login page after logout

  • The file structure of import is not getting validated

  • Template "type" sorting option is not required in Templates list

  • Default filing details for a client are not being saved

  • New inbound emails aren't being imported and auto-filed

  • Filing state not being saved in Client Ledger Reports AutoFile



  • Updated stripe with active users before payment required

  • Displayed Close button on process aside

  • Calendar Enable Modal

  • XPM sync to process page

  • Changed our trial period from 14 days to 30 days

  • If the calendar process is set to active, calendar process card should be filtered and displayed as active

  • Process run modal

  • Invalid date as the due date

  • Delegator is missing on the alerts page

  • Remove BGL tile from the Automation Dashboard

  • Send emails should not get flagged as negative sentiment


  • User edit - Enforce Email Alias to be an email

  • Change step shows incorrect task status

  • Creating an Email from 'Templates' list do not open preview in web browser

  • Opening Document list under Practice takes 14 seconds

  • New inbound emails aren't being automatically imported and auto-filed

  • Change step shows incorrect document auto file switch value

  • Year merge field for Xero Reports is causing a process to error out

  • Adding a Step is inserting to the top of the list

  • Merge fields for Xero report

  • Client Group does not appear to be working in production

  • Timeout loading import page



  • Action for My Edits on the dashboard

  • Removed the need to add "Unallocated Client"

  • Document Preview - Download button should use process async to show the progress of the download

  • Changed the name of the tab from "Integration Apps" to "Apps"

  • Client name import "names accept _ instead of '"

  • Provided ability to reset a process based off a template

  • Removed Pun: You can count on us to fix this

  • Error when trying to save attachments

  • Regression Test Open methods


  • An extra bullet appears in the email having "attachment link" tag for hyperlink of file names

  • Opening a document aside in desktop mode creates a new document activity called "saved"

  • Creating a task first time for the step in automation does not get saved

  • Values are not getting saved in Negative Email Alert automation step

  • Assignee & Delegator column does not sort in Tasks page

  • Negative email does not get applied to those metadata sets in negative email alert step

  • Error setting Negative Sentiment Active

  • Tasks not creating on any process (Negative Sentiment)

  • Continuous tasks are getting created for the negative email alert automation process



  • Record file size on document version record

  • Creating Phone call from Client Record

  • Remove document to use process async

  • Process async limit items in the list

  • Support 'Zipped' document type in user-interface

  • Graph subscription default last_delta

  • Correct issue with uploading templates failing due to missing s3 credentials


  • Deleted task's notification gets into the loop

  • The system shows error when I send documents which are in edit mode

  • Existing tasks for the Automation Process Step is not getting updated

  • Edit button in preview section does not open document in desktop mode by default



  • Sync stale jobs from XPM

  • Choice of default for either Desktop or Online with the default Desktop

  • Jobs - make client column wider

  • User profile option to select the default method for creating an edit of office documents

  • Default practice open modes

  • Set open office user settings to introduce a better system for handling templates and stationery


  • Error saving a new stationery

  • Download existing stationery is just loading

  • Team member automatically flicked back to active

  • Upgrading Plans



  • Invalid step index for Email attachments

  • Provided option to send an email immediately

  • 'Close in ...' popup is displayed for deleting the tasks

  • Added title bars to the automation modals

  • Clicking 'update' on the billing page should disable the button until process completed


  • Restore action shows "Close in 3" popup

  • Document Change Exception



  • Notifications - Mark all as Read

  • Add help tooltip

  • Notifications tool tip

  • My Settings -> vertical center text

  • Tidied up the filter in list view for processes

  • Support Coupons


  • Send email attachment is not working

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