Using Tags

You can use both Tags and Keywords as additional levels of categorisation for documents. Refer to Tags and Keywords for the differences between these.

Note: To use Tags, these must be enabled for the Cabinet. Refer to Managing Cabinets.

Selecting, Creating and Deleting Tags in the Filing Details

When Tags are enabled for the selected Cabinet, the Tags field is included in the categories. 

Selecting an existing Tag

  1. Click in the Tags field.
    The drop-down displays all existing Tags.

  2. Select the Tag required.


Creating a New Tag

  1. Click in the Tags field.
  2. Type the name of new Tag.
    For a new Tag, this will display Create "new tag name" below the field.

  3. Press Enter or move out of the Tag field and the new Tag displays in the filing details.

Removing a Tag from a Document

To remove a Tag, or untag a specific document, click the x next to it in the Tags field.


To remove all the tags that have been selected in that document, click the X in the right-hand side of the Tags field.


Displaying Tags in Documents Lists and Using Tags as a Filter

You can include the Tags column in Documents lists.  If more than one Tag has been selected, the list displays an ellipsis (...). When the Tags column has been included, you can select one or more as a filter.

The Tags display in the lists as follows (refer to Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in the Documents Lists and Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists).


Delete a Tag and Remove from All Documents

An FYI Admin can delete a Tag from the filing details in a document. This also removes the tag from all documents in which it has been selected. If you are an FYI Admin, in the Tag drop-down you see an X icon next to each Tag.


Click the X icon and a message displays as a reminder that this also removes that Tag from all documents. Click Yes to continue with the delete.


Adding, Changing or Deleting Tags from Practice Settings

An FYI Admin can also use the Practice Settings - Documents - Tags to add, change or delete Tags. When deleting, this also removes the tag from all documents in which it has been selected. Refer to Managing Tags.

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