Using Keywords

You can use both Tags and Keywords as additional levels of categorisation for documents. Refer to Tags and Keywords for the differences between these.

Note: To use Keywords, these must be enabled for the Cabinet. Refer to Managing Cabinets.

Adding Keywords in the Filing Details

When Keywords are enabled for the selected Cabinet, the Keywords field is included in the categories. 

To enter the Keyword:

  1. Click in the Keywords field.
  2. Type what you want to record as the Keywords for this document.
  3. Click the tick button to access the Keyword, or press the Enter key.
    Or click the X button or press Esc to cancel.


    Note: There is a maximum of 1024 characters that can be added to the Keywords field.

Removing a Keyword from a Document

To remove all or part of the Keywords from a document, click on it and delete it as you would normal text.

Displaying Keywords in Document Lists

You can include the Keywords column in Documents lists. When the Keywords column has been included, you can sort the Keywords column.

The Keywords display in the lists as follows (refer to Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in the Documents Lists and Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists).


Search for Keywords

When Keywords have been entered as part of the filing details for documents, you can enter all or part of the Keyword in the Search documents field in any of the lists to locate all documents with that text anywhere in the Keyword.

For example, if you had used Keywords for incoming invoices from an external contractor, and had added this as "Incoming Invoice" followed by the contractor name, for example, "Incoming Invoice Ajax Electricals". You can search for all documents that relate to an incoming invoice by entering "Incoming Invoice" as the search criteria. Or to search for documents that relate to a specific contractor you can enter the search criteria as  "Ajax", "Invoice Ajax" or "Incoming Invoice Ajax" or "Incoming Invoice Ajax Electricals" to find relevant documents.

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