Workflow Overview

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The Workflow functions in FYI allow emails and documents to be managed through their life-cycle and to control the Workflow of documents between team members.

Note: Workflow functions are only available for practices on the Pro plan. Refer to Subscribing to an FYI Plan. For any other FYI plan, emails and documents will never be set as locked or read-only.

Workflow can be set for any type of document so they can be managed from "in progress" and 'in review", to "approval" and if relevant, "client signature".

  • Approval Levels can be set for your users and workflow Statuses set on emails and documents to ensure the correct people have access to edit them.
  • Workflow can be used for draft emails in FYI so they can be approved before being sent.
  • Once emails and documents have been approved, the workflow locks them from further editing which also prevents accidental edits.
  • Workflow can be added to client interactions Phone Calls, File Notes and Meetings. This can be used to lock the details of Phone Calls, File Notes and Meetings so they cannot be changed.
  • As not all documents need to go through a review and approval cycle, the workflow Status can also be used for information purposes, such as to indicate that a document is "Waiting Info" or "In Progress".

To track workflows, as well as views in the Documents lists such as Workflow - Pend. Approval (which is filtered on the Status) each user has the My Approvals tab in their Home. This displays any emails or documents for that user's attention in the workflow process. It displays emails or documents with a workflow Status of "Pending Approval" and where the user has been assigned as the Approver.

The Home - My Approvals list displays as follows.


Summary notifications can also be set up in the Automations - Custom Processes to ensure approvers are not overwhelmed with messages. Refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications.


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