Your Client Workspace

The Client Workspace is where you can view an up-to-date summary of your client's affairs. It has tabbed pages from where you can view information, documents, tasks, and jobs specific to a Client or Client Group.

Watch this video to learn about:

  • The client workspace and view a summary of your client or client group
  • Some of the key pages in your client workspace.

To view information specific to Client, click on a Client Name in a list to display the Client Workspace.

2227 Client Summary for Individual.gif
You can also use the Quick Access drop-down to recently used clients. Refer to Quick Access to Recently Used Clients and Views.

The Client - Summary tab displays initially. It includes client and group information, client details, recent documents and tasks related to each client. This is where you can create a record a phone call or meeting, and file notes. For more information, refer to the section Using the Client Workspace.

If you have selected a Group, the information in the Client Workspace relates to all the clients in the selected Client Group. Refer to Displaying Information for Client Groups.

Tip: Click and drag tabs to rearrange them in your preferred order. Refer to Changing the order of Workspace Tabs.

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