June 2020 Release Notes




  • Added Bulk Update to the Clients list. This can be used to update the Client Settings (Cabinet, Categories, Send Attachments and Include in AutoFile) for selected clients, all clients, or for the clients that are currently filtered in the Clients list. Refer to Clients Bulk Update

  • Tags can be updated using Bulk Update. Refer to Bulk Updating of Filing Details.

Resolved Issues

  • A user with template and signatures access cannot create an Email Signature.
  • When displaying Clients in the drawer and when displaying Users in the drawer, such as in Tasks, now shows all clients or users instead of the restriction of 50 records.
  • In Automation - Custom Process, correctly includes an attachment to an email when the recipient is changed via the People section from the drawer.



  • Custom Processes can be set up that use a view in FYI to trigger the process. This can be a system view or you can set up your own views to use.

    Custom Processes can also be set up so that the notifications are sent out automatically as a summary.


    Note: Summary Notification is only available when "Document" is selected as the Trigger and when an FYI view is used to trigger the process.

    An example of these two features is when there are documents "Pending Approval". You set up the Custom Process to send out a notification to each of the relevant approvers, for example every 12 hours. When the Summary Notification is triggered, the approver receives a notification.  Depending on the user's settings, this will also get sent as an email. The notification and the email show the number of emails and documents that the approver has pending approval. The email includes a link that the Approver can click to go directly to the Documents list automatically filtered to show only the emails/documents that are "Pending Approval" and where that user is selected as the Approver. The link in the notification displays the Documents list automatically set to the "Workflow - Pend Approval" view which can then be sorted or filtered on the Approvers name.

    For an example of the notification that is sent, refer to Reviewing and Approving Emails and Documents and for details of how this is set up refer to Custom Processes using Views and Summary Notifications.

  • Practice Settings includes the setting Advanced Workflow. When Advanced Workflow is enabled, the additional Workflow Statuses of First Review and Final Review are available. Refer to Multi-Person Review and Approval and Practice Settings

  • When selecting an email of document in the My Approvals tab, the preview pane no longer opens automatically.

  • Processes can be set up to Update Job State. In the Action for Update Job State step, you select the Job State to be set by the process. Refer to Automation Process Steps.

Resolved Issues

  • Dashboard - My Jobs now includes all jobs that are assigned to the user, and includes those where the user is assigned as the Partner, Manager or as Staff.
  • In Automation processes, when adding the Merge Field Client Name to the name of an email or document that is produced, this now correctly includes the client name in the document name.
  • Additional recipients are now correctly retained after adding or removing attachments.
  • Client search now shows up to 50 records in the results.


Resolved Issues

  • In Automation, when running a test for a specific client, client name now displays correctly in the filter popup.
  • Opening a job from the Jobs list now opens the job in the same browser tab, not in a new tab.
  • When sending a PDF for signing to Adobe Sign, the first email address for the recipients shows as the "Signer".



  • My Workflows has been renamed My Approvals and now displays only emails and documents with the workflow Status of "Pending Approval" and where the user is the Approver.
    Emails and documents with "Changes Requested" are not included and it no longer shows emails or documents that are "Pending Approval" where the user is the owner. 



  • Email Contents search has been extended. When the Content Search button is enabled, this now searches within the content of emails, phone calls, file notes and meetings. Refer to Search within Email, Phone Call, File Note and Meeting Content.
  • Sorting on columns now only sorts on a single column at a time, the last one that was clicked. If you have sorted a column (ascending or descending) and then sort on a different column, this removes the prior sorting that was applied. Refer to Sorting and Filtering.
  • The Job drawer includes a section Assigned Users with the users that have been assigned to that job. Refer to Using the Job Drawer.

Resolved Issues

  • Correction to name of files returned from Adobe Sign when multiple files are sent for signing with one subject line.
  • When Security is applied to a client, the client no longer displays in the Client Group.
  • When sending a PDF to DocuSign, now retains any Tags that have been added to the filing details.
  • Where a Word document has been converted to a PDF, deleting the Word document no longer deletes the converted PDF.
  • Corrected an error on the documents lists when including the From column and filtering on this.
  • Corrected an error on the Client - Tax tab when filtering by Year.
  • On the Tasks list when displaying the drawer for a Task, the Job name now displays in white in the highlighted details in the list.



  • Update to Attachments. Refer also to Filing Email Attachments.

    For any outgoing emails that you are sending with attachments, the attachments will never be auto-filed. This is always the case regardless of if you have Save Attachments Separately set as "On" or "Off". Attachments will often be documents already filed in FYI, so this prevents duplicate documents in FYI. 

    Regardless of the settings for Save Attachments Separately and for In Tray Review/AutoFile, once an email has been filed in FYI any attachments for both incoming and outgoing emails can be displayed and opened from the drawer of the sent/received email in the Attachments section. The Attachments section also shows if the attachment has been filed or not.

    The Attachments section now includes the Open icon for all attachments.
    - You can open an attachment if required from the filed email by clicking the Open icon.
    - If a filed email in FYI is showing attachments to be filed, you do not need to file it to see its contents. You can open it from the Attachments section by clicking the Open icon.
    - If you do not want to file the attachment, or it has not been filed separately,  it can still be accessed from the original email at any time by clicking the Open icon next to it in the Attachment section.

    The Save Attachments Separately is only applicable to incoming emails. When this is set, if you want the attachment in an incoming email to be saved as a separate document, you need to manually save it. This can be from Outlook or from FYI. If attachments are not filed separately inside FYI, they still exist inside the email and you can access them from the Attachments sections in the drawer of the filed email.

    When you are sending an email with attachments by selecting one or more documents that are filed in FYI, you do not need to file any of attachments as they are already filed in FYI.  Refer to Creating an Email by Selecting Attachments in FYI. When the sent email is filed, you can open the Attachments section and click on the attachment to display the drawer for that attachment. You can also click the Open icon to open the document that was sent as the attachment. The attachment cannot be saved as a separate document in FYI as it is already a filed document.

Resolved Issues

  • In Custom Processes, when adding a Task to a step, the Task Descriptions are now saving correctly.
  • If an email in FYI with an attachment is shared and created as Draft in Outlook, sent from Outlook, the Sent email in FYI now correctly has attachments and they are linked to the existing documents in FYI.
  • No longer allows Word templates (.dotx or .dot files) to be uploaded or loaded as FYI templates.
  • Corrected issue where Categories in Email templates went off the screen.
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