Delegating your First Task in FYI

Now let’s add a Task to the letter, for example, as a reminder to call the client to discuss.

Follow the instructions outlined below.

Step 1 - Locating the document and create a Task for it 

  1. In FYI, go to your Home and display the My Recent tab.
  2. Select the document and the drawer displays.
    The following is the example document created in Creating your First Letter in FYI.


  3. Click the Tasks section to expand it.
  4. Click Add Task.

    Create Task displays in the drawer.


  5. Select or enter the task details, or change any defaults given.

    Task Name - Give the task a name. This is usually a brief description of the task.
    Delegator - Your own name is set by default as the delegator.
    Start Date and Due Date - These are set as defaults using settings for your practice. They can be changed by clicking on the field and selecting from the calendar, or typing the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
    Status - By default, this is set to "Not started".
    Client - In this example, because the task is being created for a document, the client is automatically assigned as the client the document is filed under.

    The remaining fields are optional.

    Assignee - Assign the task to yourself (for the purpose of testing).
    Job - You can select a Job for the Task or leave this blank.

    Click the Advanced section to expand it and display Cabinet and Job Category which can be selected or left blank.

    If any Categories have been marked as Task Categories these display. In the example below, Priority has been set up as a Task Category and selected as "High".

    Task Details - You can add the Details if you want as free-form text. Remember that as you are creating this task by attaching it to a document, you can easily display the original source document to provide context for the task, so this may not need to be covered in the Details.


  6. Click Create.

Refer also to Using the Task Drawer.

Step 2 - Updating the Task

Go to your Home and display the My Tasks tab.


The Task details are changed using the Task Drawer.

Click the Editor tab to expand this and display the Task Details.


Step 3 - Reviewing and completing the Task

From the Task drawer, you can click the Preview tab on the side of the drawer to view the document.


In the drawer, you can change any of the Task's details, including the Subject.

To complete the task, in the drawer select the Status as "Complete".


There are several other ways to indicate you have completed the Task.

One of these is in the Home - My Tasks by clicking the Status column on the left-hand side. Refer also to Completing a Task.



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