Creating PDF Documents from FYI

You can create new PDF documents directly from within FYI. These must be created with a PDF template. Refer to Creating Templates for PDF.

Creating a PDF Document with the + Button

  1. From FYI, click the + button in the menu bar.
  2. Select PDF from the list of document types. 
    Or, from the workspace, simply press the shortcut key D for a new PDF document.
    The Create PDF drawer displays on the right-hand side.

    The fields that initially display depend on whether or not you have Filing Default set with a default Cabinet and Category selected in your settings, or if the Practice Filing Defaults have been set up. When you select the Client these may change to the default settings for the Client. If a template is selected, the categories may change depending on whether Filing Defaults for the Cabinet and Categories have been set up for the template. Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your own Login - My Settings, Setting Filing Defaults for a Client, Email AutoFile Settings Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults and to Creating Templates for PDF.
  3. Select the Client and Cabinet.

    - Type at least three characters of the client name to display all clients containing those characters. Then click to select the required client. Refer also to Selecting a Client in the Filing Details and Refreshing the Clients.

    - If the selected Client has a default Cabinet, or you have a default for your own settings, this is displayed. This can be changed if required.

    When the Client and Cabinet have been selected, defaults and options display as relevant for what you have selected, for example, Categories, Jobs, Tags and Keywords are all set to display as relevant depending on the Cabinet selected.

  4. In the drawer, select or enter the filing fields, or change the defaults that are given:

    Change Addressee - if the document is being sent to a different addressee other than the client that it is being filed under, click the Change Addressee link and select the required Client. The document will be filed under the selected Client, but any Merge Fields that are populated in the document will be for the client selected as the Addressee. If an Addressee is selected, when the document is created this shows in the details at the top of the document drawer and this cannot be changed. The Client under which the document is filed can be changed when the document has been created.

    Template - select a PDF template. This is mandatory for a PDF.

    Categories - select the filing Category/Categories for the document, such as Year and Work Type. The Category options that are available may be filtered according to the Cabinet selected.

    Job - If Jobs are enabled for the selected Cabinet, you can also select a Job for the client (refer to the section Jobs and Setting Up Jobs in FYI).

    Tags and Keywords - If the selected Cabinet has been enabled for Tags and/or Keywords you will see these as additional Categories. You can create or select one or more Tags as additional categorisation. You can enter one or more Keywords that can be used when searching for the document. Refer to Tags and Keywords.

    Name - to identify the document internally, the name displays in the lists in FYI.
    A default name is provided from the selected template and you can change this if required.

  5. Click Create.
    The PDF is displayed.

  6. Once the PDF is closed, you need to let FYI know you have finished editing the document and save any changes to FYI. In FYI in the drawer, click the I am finished editing button.


    The message “Syncing with FYI” message shows for up to 30 seconds until your changes have been saved in FYI. This removes the lock on the document and removes the document from your Home - My Edits. Refer also to Finish Editing in Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents.

Using Convert to Create a PDF

You can also use Convert to create a PDF copy of a Word or Excel Spreadsheet document in FYI. This is useful if you want to email the document as a PDF attachment.

The PDF is added as a new document. The filing details for the PDF copy are set as default as the same filing details as the Word or Spreadsheet document that it is a copy of.


To automatically convert documents to PDF files as part of an automation process, refer to Process Step Details - Converting to PDF and Send for Signature.

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