Internal Documents in the Knowledge Cabinets

You can set up Cabinets that will be included as additional tabs in the Knowledge Cabinets. These can be used for internal documents, such as policies and procedures or internal administration documents.

Knowledge Cabinets

To be included in the Knowledge section:

  • A Cabinet must have the Enable Knowledge set as "On". Refer to Managing Cabinets.
  • The user must be assigned to a User Group that has access to one of these Cabinets. The user will then see the additional tab in Knowledge and have access to the documents within the cabinet.


Knowledge Cabinets can be set up with restricted access if required. Refer to Managing User Groups.

Each Knowledge Cabinet tab displays the documents filed to that Cabinet. Refer also to Using Knowledge Cabinets.


If you are an FYI Admin, or you are a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Knowledge, you will be able to add, change and delete documents that display in the Knowledge Cabinets in the same way as in other FYI lists. Refer to Managing User Groups. If the User Group you belong to does not have Permissions enabled for Knowledge, you will only see the Export button.


Using the Knowledge Cabinets Lists

The Knowledge Cabinets Lists are used in the same was as Documents lists. Refer to the articles in the section Using the Documents Lists.

You can add Documents to a Knowledge Cabinet by clicking the + button in the menu bar (refer to articles in the section Creating Documents in FYI. You can also drag and drop a document to a Knowledge Cabinet (refer to Drag and Drop).

Adding a Document to a Knowledge Cabinet without a Client

As knowledge documents are generally not associated with a client, when you add a document to a Cabinet that has Enable Knowledge set as "On" this will allow you to leave the client as "No client selected".

Functions that are not available for Knowledge Cabinet Documents

Because a document in a Knowledge Cabinet does not have a client selected, client related functions (such as Share and Delivery) in the tool bar or right-click pop-up tool bar menu are not relevant.

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