Default Automations

For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, one Automation Process is activated for you in FYI at the start of your trial. This is the automation Xero Practice Manager Sync. This controls the syncing of information from your Xero Practice Manager.

Xero Practice Manager Sync

From the moment you set up your FYI account, your Clients, Client Groups, Jobs and Team are instantly imported from Xero Practice Manager and continuously synchronised with FYI.

Any change to this data in Xero Practice Manager is reflected in FYI. This ensures that Xero Practice Manager continues to be your single source of truth for client information.

You don’t have to maintain data in multiple locations and can use data from Xero Practice Manager in email and document templates with merge fields.  

FYI’s automatic synchronisation with Xero Practice Manager runs as follows:

  • Clients are synchronised with Xero Practice Manager every 15 minutes.
  • Users, Job and Tax Returns (if enabled) are synchronised automatically overnight
  • Changes to Job States in FYI and Time entered in FYI are synchronised to Xero Practice Manager immediately.
  • Time entries created in FYI and set with the "Submit" status are synchronised to Xero Practice Manager immediately. 

If needed, any user can use the Sync function in the Clients and Jobs Lists to manually sync Clients or Jobs. Alternatively, a manual sync can be performed by an FYI Admin.

Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager and Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.

Email AutoFile

When FYI is first deployed, your Email AutoFile setting defaults to "AutoFile Else In Tray - Emails & attachments" for the practice and "Disabled" for users.

When you are ready to sync information from users' Outlook emails, the Email AutoFile setting for users needs to be set to "Practice Default". FYI then starts to monitor your inbox and sent items in Outlook, looking for emails that match a client email address in your practice management software.

For more information refer to Introduction to Email AutoFile and to Email AutoFile Settings,  Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.

In the Email AutoFile settings, when In Tray Review is set to "On", any client emails received or sent are automatically imported from Outlook and "Draft Filed" in FYI the users' Home - In Tray, ready for them to file them.

As each email or document is filed in FYI, it will be included in the overall practice document list and shared with the entire practice. Any emails that should not be made available for the entire practice, can be deleted from your In Tray.

Note: You can file an email directly from Outlook using the FYI Add-in. If you file an email directly from Outlook, you do not need to file it from your In Tray.

In the Email AutoFile settings, when AutoFile Else In Tray is set to "On", any client emails received or sent are automatically imported from Outlook and "Filed" in FYI. They are immediately available for the entire practice. Where they cannot be automatically filed, they will be available in the users' Home - In Tray.

Additional Automations

FYI comes shipped with additional automations that can be activated from the Automation - Processes and Automation - Apps dashboards by your FYI Admin, and configured to suit your practice. These include:

  • Calendar Entry AutoFile - any calendar entries made in the last 24 hours are instantly imported from Outlook and auto-filed in FYI.
  • Xero - Tax Return - import tax returns from Xero Tax daily, auto-filing a link in FYI.
  • Tax Assessments AutoFile - daily import of tax assessments from the ATO, with automatic cross-check with Xero Tax, filing and generation of client email correspondence.
  • Client Ledger Reports AutoFile - run a batch import of client ledger reports from Xero Ledger and automatically file them in FYI.
  • Automatic Document Import - automatically capture and file source documents from third parties such as BGL CAS 360, NowInfinity, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Annature or FuseSign. You can also use Zapier to import documents from other platforms such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Practice Ignition etc.

You can also create your own Custom Processes to automate any repetitive tasks across client service, marketing, practice admin, HR and more.

Refer to Sample Processes.


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