Creating an Email in FYI

Create emails in FYI to leverage the power of templates, as well as FYI's task and workflow functionality. 

To create an email in FYI you can click  the + button in the menu bar and select Email from the list of document types, or simply press the shortcut key E to create a new email from any workspace.  

You can also create an email by selecting one or more documents filed in FYI that you would like to share.  

 Watch this tutorial to learn how to: 

  • Select a document and create an email in FYI
  • Add an email template
  • Add an additional email recipient
  • Change or update filing details
  • Add or remove attachments 
  • Save an email as Draft in FYI
  • Preview an email and review the content and merge fields
  • Send the email from within FYI.

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