Filing your First Email From Outlook

Thanks to deep integration with Microsoft 365, you can access FYI without having to leave Outlook.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to:

  • Access the FYI Drawer in Outlook
  • File an email to a Client and Cabinet
  • Access the email in FYI.

There is no limit on the age of emails that can be filed to FYI.

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions below.

Step 1 - Accessing the FYI Drawer in Outlook

  1. Start by selecting a client email from your inbox to test the filing process.
  2. Click the FYI icon in the Outlook ribbon to display the FYI Drawer.

  3. Login to FYI for Outlook using your Windows Microsoft 365 credentials.
    Note: the email address you login with should be the same as the one attached to Outlook.


Once logged in, the FYI Drawer appears on the right-hand side.
It displays the details and filing options related to the selected email.


Note: To keep the FYI Drawer open in Outlook, click the Pin in the top right-hand corner of the Drawer.

Note: If you are working on an old version of Outlook or on a Citrix environment, you will not be able to “pin” the FYI Add-in. Refer to the FAQ When accessing the FYI Drawer in Outlook, why is the Pin icon not available or not working? 

Step 2 - Filing an Email to a Client and Cabinet in FYI

You can see the current Filing Status of the email at the top of the FYI Drawer.

If the email has already been filed, you will see the Remove from FYI icon (the red bin). Click the Remove from FYI icon to return the email to a "Not Filed" state if needed.


If the Filing Status of the email shows as "Not Filed" or "Draft Filed", you can follow the steps below to file it from the FYI Drawer.


The subject of the email is displayed as the Name that will identify the email in FYI and in lists.

If required, you can rename the email to change how it displays in FYI.

  1. At the top of the drawer, click into the Name field and update the email name.
  2. Click the tick mark to save your change.


To file the email:

  1. Click the Filing section of the drawer to expand it.
  2. Select the filing details for the email. As you make your selections, defaults and additional fields may display depending on the Client and Cabinet you select.

    Select a Client. If you are testing, you can file this email to an internal client.

    Select a Cabinet - if you are testing, you might like to file this email to a "Training" Cabinet (or similar).

    Select any additional filing information as relevant for the fields that display, for example, you can select Categories such as Year or Work Type.

  3. Click Create.

This files the email and makes it available to everyone in the practice in FYI.

In Outlook the email shows "Filed in FYI" at the top of the body of the email. A blue Outlook category "Filed in FYI" will also be visible.


Step 3 - Accessing the Email in FYI

You can jump straight to the email in FYI by clicking the Open icon (with the arrow) in the top right-hand corner of the FYI Drawer.


Clicking the Open icon opens a new tab in your browser, taking you directly to the filed email in the Documents list.

The Documents list displays as follows.


Alternatively, from FYI, you can access the email by going to one of the lists, such as your Home - My Recent or a Documents list.

For more information, refer to Using the Email Drawer.


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