Custom Processes

As well as the Sample Processes that are shipped with FYI, you can set up Custom Processes specifically for the needs of your practice. Every practice has repetitive processes that can be automated with FYI's custom processes.

Examples of Processes that you might want to run for your clients are:

  • Sending monthly or quarterly management reporting to clients that you service with regular frequency.
  • Sending bulk email communication to clients. Email content can be standardised across all clients or set up with filters that use Custom Fields held for individual clients.

For information on setting up a Custom Process, refer to Setting up Custom Processes.

Running Scheduled or Manual Custom Processes

Custom Processes can be set up as Scheduled, to run on a regular basis, or Manual so they can be run as and when required.

  • A Manual Custom Process can be run from Automation - Process by opening the Custom Process and clicking Run. It depends on how the Process is defined, but this would commonly run for more than one client.
  • A Manual Custom Process can be run for a selected client from the Client - Processes tab.

Refer to Running Custom Processes.

Using Custom Fields in Processes

Custom Fields can be used to segment the client database (refer to Client Custom Fields) and as filters in the Automation Custom Processes.

For example, if your practice performs a monthly or quarterly bookkeeping service for some clients, in a "Service" Custom Field, these clients could have either "Bookkeeping - Monthly" or "Bookkeeping - Quarterly". You can then set up a Custom Process that sends out a monthly or quarterly checklist to relevant clients with a filter of the relevant Custom Field.

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