Automatic Document Imports

As well as the apps that connect and configure the Outlook Email and Calendar Apps that process the AutoFile of emails and meetings, and sync with your practice management software, FYI also provides Sample Processes that automate the importing, sending and creating of documents. As part of the automations, the processes automatically add the filing details and can also be used to create tasks and comments.

Sample Processes are installed automatically with FYI. These can be made active, configured and edited to suit the requirements of your practice by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations (refer to Managing User Groups).

For full details of setting up and editing processes, refer to the sections in Process Automation.

Below is a summary of the following Automation Processes that automatically import documents into FYI.

Xero Tax Return AutoFile

The Xero - Tax Return process automatically imports and files batches of tax returns received electronically via Xero Tax. This gives direct and easy access to all the tax returns without having to manually open and locate them within Xero Tax. 

Once your FYI Admin has set up the process, the  Xero -Tax Return process will run automatically on a scheduled daily basis to retrieve from Xero Tax all newly issued returns since the process was last run.

The imported Tax Returns are displayed in the Client Workspace in the Tax tab.

Note: The Tax tab will only display details on the original Tax Return. To view amendments, the return must be opened in Xero Tax.

Refer to Enabling Xero Tax Integration (Australia Only), Xero Tax Return AutoFile (Australia Only), Connecting FYI to Xero Tax for GreatSoft Practices and Displaying the Auto-Filed Tax Returns.

Tax Assessments AutoFile

The Tax Assessments AutoFile process automatically files batches of tax assessments received electronically via Xero Tax. 

The process will run automatically to:

  • Call out to Xero Tax on a scheduled daily basis to retrieve all newly issued assessments since the process was last run.
  • Compare any new tax assessments with the original from Xero Tax to check they agree.
  • Auto-file the assessment to the relevant Client, Cabinet and Categories in FYI.
  • Create an email or task depending on whether the Client Filing Defaults are set so that the tax assessments should be sent out via Email or Postal Service.

Note: Where the new tax assessment does not agree with the original, the process runs slightly different steps and a Task is assigned to the Client’s Manager to investigate and correct the variance.

For full details, refer to Tax Assessments AutoFile (Agreed & Not Postal/Agreed & Postal) (Australia Only) and Tax Assessments AutoFile (Variance) (Australia Only).

Client Ledger Reports AutoFile

The Client Ledger Reports AutoFile process runs a batch import of client ledger reports from Xero Ledger and automatically files them in FYI. This process is run manually for a selected client, as and when needed.

Refer to Client Ledger Reports AutoFile (Australia and UK) and Running the Client Ledger Reports AutoFile (Australia and UK).

Automatic Document Import from Third Parties

Other integrations and Sample Processes are available to import documents from third parties. These can also be configured and edited to suit the requirements of your practice.

  • ASIC statements can be imported from a third-party system such as BGL CAS 360 and NowInfinity.
    When imported from NowInfinity, Annual company statements are imported as PDFs from NowInfinity, ASIC documents are received as a Web Link to the document in NowInfinity, not the full documents as PDF.
  • Documents can be imported from other platforms, for example, Dropbox, Practice Ignition, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc using Zapier to automate dataflow between FYI and the other platforms.
  • Signed documents can be imported from DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Annature or FuseSign.

Documents imported from BGL and NowInfinity display in the Client Workspace in the Corporate Affairs tab. Refer to Client Corporate Affairs. This is not relevant for UK sites.

For full details refer to the section Sample Processes.

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