Client Tax (Australia and New Zealand Only)

The Tax tab provides a summary of all original tax returns imported from Xero Tax. These documents each hold a web link to open the return directly in Xero Tax. 

The Client - Tax tab is available for Australia and New Zealand sites only. The Client - Tax displays by default as follows.


Click the Columns or Filter button to display and filter by additional columns if required.


Note: New Zealand users will be able to use the Period From/To dates, Status (Draft, Filed etc), and Year. The columns with values are not applicable, for example, Estimated Income or Payable/Refundable.

The tax return must have a "Filed" Status for FYI to retrieve Notice of Assessment information from Xero Tax.

If you select to view a Client Group at the top of the Client Workspace, the list shows the tax returns for all clients in that Client group and includes the Client column.

Tax Returns are created as links to the tax return in the client's Xero Tax. As this is a dynamic link, this ensures that you always have access to the up-to-date copy of the tax return in Xero Tax.

To access the tax return, select the web link in the list and click Open, or hover over the web link and click Open Tax. You are prompted to log in to Xero Tax.

Note: The Tax tab displays the details of the original Tax Return. To view amendments to returns click the Open Tax link to open the latest version in Xero Tax.


  • Any forms created in XPM using the ‘+ New Return’ or ‘+ New CURNN’ (Australia) or '+ New IR4' (New Zealand) automatically create a web link in FYI to the return in the Client - Tax tab for the relevant Client Group or Client.

    The types of returns that are in the Client - Tax tab include:
       - All Income Tax Returns
       - Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) returns
       - PSAR forms (Payment Summary Annual Report)
       - CURNN (Client Update Return Not Necessary)

    The web links for these are also included in the Documents lists (in the Client - Documents tab or the main Documents list)
  • Any forms created in Xero Practice Manager using the ‘+ AS’ (where AS is for Activity Statements)(Australia) or '+ GST' (New Zealand) create a web link in FYI that only displays in the Documents lists (in the Client - Documents tab or the main Documents list). In FYI, the default name of the web link is Activity Statement.

The following is an example of how the Xero Tax web links display in the Client - Documents tab.


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