Client Documents

The Documents tab displays all documents for the specific client.

If you select to view a Client Group at the top of the Client Workspace, the list shows the documents for all clients in that Client group and the list includes the Client column.

When displaying, opening and working with documents in the Client - Documents tab, the list is used in the same way as in the Documents list, except that only documents for the selected client/client group are included. Refer to the section Documents.

The Client - Documents tab displays as follows.


If Sticky Views has been enabled for your practice, whichever view has been selected from the Documents list will be selected by default when viewing the client.

There are various view options available in the drop-down list, such as "Active" (which is the default), "Deleted",  "Emails - Sent", "Emails - Received", "Emails - Draft", "Mail Register - Sent", "Mail Register - Received", "Mail Register - Draft", "Workflow - Pend. Signature", "Workflow - Pend. Approval"

When your Practice Settings are set with Show Jobs by Client "Off" (refer to Managing Practice Settings for Jobs) displaying the Client - Documents list for a Client that is part of a Client Group, the Jobs column can be filtered on all Jobs in the Client Group.

For details on using the Cabinet Explorer tab in the Client - Documents, refer to Using the Cabinet Explorer.

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