Clients Overview

At its core, FYI is a robust platform for managing client relationships.

  • Use your practice management software as your single source of truth for client information.
  • Record every client interaction including emails, documents, phone calls, file notes and meetings with a dedicated workspace for each client and instant access to recent interactions.
  • Automatically capture client documents from external sources and file them consistently.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with clients
  • Create custom processes to automate any CRM tasks unique to your practice.

Syncing Client data from your Practice Management Software

Using your practice management software as your single source of truth for client information. As relevant, Clients, Jobs and Tax Returns are imported into FYI and continuously synchronised. Any change in your practice management software is reflected in FYI.

For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, Time entries entered in FYI are synced back to Xero Practice Manager. This ensures you don’t have to maintain data in multiple locations. Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager, Synchronising Clients, Users, Jobs and Tax Returns with GreatSoft, Integration with Generic Practice Management Software and Synchronising Clients and Users with MYOB AE.

Working from a dedicated workspace for each client

All team members can use FYI’s Client Workspace to view an up-to-date summary of each client’s affairs including recent emails, documents and interactions and any outstanding tasks. From the Client Workspace, you can navigate between a Group, Client or Job. Refer to the section Using the Client Workspace.

Recording phone calls, file notes and meetings

Records of phone calls, file notes and client meetings can be added and accessed quickly and easily. This ensures that all client interactions are captured to provide an accurate history of every client relationship. Refer to the section Recording Client Interactions.

Accessing recent interactions

Use FYI’s search, sort, and filtering tools to easily locate client information, including quick access to recent clients. Refer to the section Using the Clients Lists.

Automating the Import of Documents from External Sources

  • Import tax returns from Xero Tax daily, auto-filing a link in FYI.
  • Batch-create, import and auto-file consistently names sets of reports from your Client’s Xero Ledger with a single click.
  • Import and auto-file tax assessments from the ATO daily, automatically cross-checked with Xero Tax, and automate the generation of client email correspondence.
  • Import and auto-file source documents from BGL CAS 360, NowInfinity, OneDrive, and in the near future, from Dropbox and Drive.

Refer to Automatic Document Imports.

Collaborating seamlessly with Clients

Collaborate directly with clients by sending documents using fully-featured, trusted platforms such as Microsoft OneDrive. Refer to Collaborating with your Clients.

Applying Automations to CRM processes unique to your practice

  • Use Negative Email Alerts to automatically identify inbound client emails containing negative sentiment, and flag them for review by the relative client's manager. Refer to Negative Email Alert.
  • Create Custom Processes to automate any repetitive client relationship management task across the practice. Refer to Custom Processes.

Archiving Clients

Clients are continuously synchronised with your Practice Management Software, for example, Xero Practice Manager. 

When a client is deleted from your Practice Management Software, the client will be archived in FYI, ensuring the historical records are kept intact. Archived clients will not be displayed in the Active Client List, or in the Global Search. For more information refer to Archived Clients.

Clients cannot be deleted from FYI.

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