Adding Attachments to an Email in FYI

When creating an email in FYI, and when editing an email that is Draft in FYI, you can attach one or more documents that have been filed in FYI.

Video Walkthrough
For a video walkthrough that includes this feature, refer to Creating an Email in FYI.

Adding Attachments from the Drawer

The following describes how to add attachments to an email from the email drawer. Refer also to Creating an Email by Selecting Attachments in FYI.

  1. From the Drawer, expand Attachments and click Add Document.
    This displays the Document Search from which you can search for and select one or more documents.

    If relevant, the Document Search defaults to the client and any filing details you have selected to create the email.

    The Search options can be changed to find any other documents in FYI. You can use the Document Type section to filter which documents to display, for example, just Word documents or just PDFs.  You can also select more than one value for the categories to widen the search and you can enter text in the Name option to search for documents with specific text in the name.

    The documents found by the search display.

    Note: You can attach a sent or received email, but you cannot attach a draft email. Any Draft emails show with a grey background in the Document Search.

  2. Click to select one or more documents. The selected document(s) display with a checkmark.

  3. Click Done.
    The Create Email re-displays with the selected document(s) in the Attachments.

  4. Below the selected documents, check the settings for how you want to Send Attachments.
    This is set as the default setting for the client (refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client).

    - OneDrive (available if your practice is on the Pro plan).
    - Email.

    Select if you want to include the attachment as a PDF. Your selection will be the default for the next email you create, until your browser is refreshed.


Notes: To attach a document from your OneDrive or Windows Explorer, save the email as Draft in Outlook. Then edit the email from you FYI - Drafts folder in your Outlook and add the attachment from there.

When the sent email is filed, you can open the Attachments section and click on the attachment to display the drawer for that attachment. You can also click the Open icon to open the document that was sent as the attachment. The attachment cannot be saved as a separate document in FYI as it is already a filed document.

Attaching Large Number of Files

Up to 10 files can be attached to an email.

Sending a Draft in FYI Email for Approval

If you are sending the Draft in FYI email with attachments for approval, the approver can open, preview and if needed edit these attachments from the Attachments section of the drawer. Refer to Using the Workflow for Approval - Examples.


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