Updating Tasks from Lists

There are several ways in which you can update Tasks.

Using the Home - My Tasks and Home - Delegated Tasks

The My Tasks list displays as follows.


You can search, add columns and apply filters to the Tasks. You can also display the Tasks in the Tasks Board, or click Group to group tasks together based on Due Date. 

On the Home - My Tasks and Home - Delegated Tasks you can click the Status column on the left-hand side to mark that a task is “Complete”.


To update other details, and to set a Task as "Complete" from other lists, display the drawer and update the details in the drawer. Refer to Updating and Actioning Tasks from the Drawer.

Updating Tasks with the Drawer

You can make changes to Tasks with the drawer. Refer to Updating and Actioning Tasks from the Drawer.

Updating Multiple Tasks in a List

In the Tasks lists, you can also select multiple tasks and use Bulk Update to change the details and/or the Status for more than one selected task at a time. Refer to Tasks Bulk Update.

Updating a Task from the Process History Checklist

When a Task has been created from a Process, if it has been set as a blocking Task and needs to be "Completed" before the Process will continue, it can be updated from the Client Process History Checklist, or if relevant from the Job Process History Checklist. Refer to Completing a Task from the Process History Checklist in Client Process History Checklist.

Note: If the Status of the blocking Task is set to "Rejected" the Process will stop.

Deleting Tasks

If you are the creator of the Task or an FYI Admin, you can delete a task.

When deleting tasks, select one or more Tasks in a Tasks list and click Delete. To delete a single Task, you can also right-click and select Delete from the pop-up menu.

Note: Deleted tasks cannot be restored, and will need to be recreated. Once deleted, the Task will not be displayed in the Task list or Search Results.


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