Displaying Tasks from an Email or Document

When viewing lists of emails or documents in FYI, the Task icon displays on the right-hand side if there are any outstanding Tasks related to that email or document.


The Documents lists display as follows.


Tasks related to an email or document can be opened from the Tasks section of the Drawer.

Displaying a Task for an Email or Document

To display a task for an email or document

  1. Select the email or document in a list.

  2. Expand the Tasks section of the Drawer to display the outstanding and completed tasks for that email or document.


Adding a New Task

New Tasks can be added directly from the drawer by clicking on the Add Task button. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

Displaying the Details of a Task

You can display the details of a task that is associated with the email or document by clicking on the Task or on the Status indicator.

This changes the drawer to display the Update Task function.

To re-display the email or document from the Update Task, click the Back button.


Completing a Task

You can complete a Task directly from the Email or Document drawer by clicking Complete Task.



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