Displaying Tasks from your Home

Your Home displays information related to tasks in the following ways:

  • My Tasks displays the tasks that have been delegated to you by others, or that you have assigned to yourself.
  • Delegated Tasks display the tasks that you have delegated to other members of your team. If you have assigned a task to yourself, these are not included in your Delegated Tasks and display in the My Tasks.
  • Notifications display tasks that you have been sent a Notification about. This Home tab can also be accessed by clicking on the Alert icon in the menu bar.

The My Tasks list displays as follows.


You can search, add columns and apply filters to the Tasks.

You can also display the Tasks in the Tasks Board, or Task Group. Refer to  the following:

Making Changes to Tasks

On the Home - My Tasks and Home - Delegated Tasks you can click the Status column on the left-hand side to mark that a task is “Complete”.


To update other details, and to set a Task as "Complete" from other lists, display the drawer and update the details in the drawer. Refer to Updating and Actioning Tasks from the Drawer.

Tasks Created by an Automation Process

Where a task has been created as part of a process this shows the delegator as "System" and it displays with the View Process Checklist icon. Clicking the View Process Checklist icon displays the Client - Process History Checklist for the Process that created the Task. From the Client - Process History Checklist, the Task details can be displayed and if relevant, the Status changed.



The Notifications tab in your Home displays all system Notifications from FYI (for example, if you have been allocated a task or if someone updates a task that you have delegated to them).

If you have received a notification about a Task, you can open it from the Notifications tab by clicking the Notification title. This opens the Tasks list with the relevant Task opened automatically.


When notifications are sent, this shows in the Alerts icon (the bell icon) as the number of notifications waiting to be read. You can display the Notification tab by clicking the Alerts icon located in the top right-hand side of the screen. Clicking the Alerts icon displays your Home - My Notifications.


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