Optimising Remote Desktop to work with FYI

Optimising FYI to work with Remote Desktop can be necessary due to the security that often exists in such environments.

All of the configurations below should be done with administrator rights and according to the protocols of the Remote Desktop environment for them to apply to all users.

Office Desktop and FYI Add-ins

To configure or troubleshoot FYI Add-ins for Office Desktop for use with a Remote Desktop environment, refer to FYI Add-in for Office or Outlook not loading, failing to login or running slow - desktop computer.

Latest OneDrive Version

Microsoft has transitioned from the old "OneDrive For Business" to "OneDrive", therefore it is important the latest version is installed for each user. Refer to the Microsoft help article Fix OneDrive sync problems for more information.

Office Trusted Location

To prevent the "Some files contain viruses that can be harmful..." warning every time users either Create or Edit Office documents on the desktop:

  1. Open either Word, Excel or PowerPoint on the desktop
  2. Select File
  3. Select Options
  4. Select Trust Center
  5. Select Trust Center Settings
  6. Select Trusted Locations
  7. Select Add New Location...
  8. Add the domain of your practice's OneDrive
    An example is "https://yourgrowthpartners-my.sharepoint.com/"
    where "yourgrowthpartners" is unique to your practice.
  9. Checkmark "Sub folders of this location are also trusted"
  10. Click OK to save.

Internet Options

When using Office 2016, via a Remote Desktop (RDP) or a Terminal Server:
Add the practice SharePoint URL as a trusted site to your Internet Options. The following shows how to add this to Internet Explorer.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools (the cog in the top right-hand corner).
  3. Select Internet Options.
  4. Display the Security tab.
  5. Select Trusted Sites
  6. Click the Sites button.
  7. In "Add this website to the zone:" enter the domain of your practice's OneDrive
    An example is "https://yourgrowthpartners-my.sharepoint.com/"
    where "yourgrowthpartners" is unique to your practice.
  8. Click Add.

Missing Drawer Pin (Office 2016 only)

Microsoft has released an updated version of Office 2016 that supports the pin with Office Add-ins. Refer to the Microsoft help article Implement a pinnable task pane in Outlook which is summarised as:

  • Build 7668.2000 or later for users in the Current or Office Insider Channels
  • Build 7900.xxxx or later for users in Deferred channels

Note: If you are working on a Citrix environment, you may not be able to “pin” the FYI Add-in.

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