Displaying and Updating Time and Disbursements

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Time and Disbursements (available for practices on the Elite plan only) can be viewed in a variety of locations within FYI depending on your current plan.

  • Home - My Time tab (Pro and Elite plans)
  • On an Email or Document Drawer (Pro and Elite plans)
  • Client and Job Workspaces (Elite plans only)
  • Practice - Time tab (Elite plans only)

Viewing Time

Displaying Time in the Home Workspace 3346_Pro_plan_Swish.png 3345_Elite_plan_Swish.png

The Home - My Time Workspace allows users to see all of their drafts and submitted timesheets. Entries can be edited to change the time, add notes, and more. Refer to Using Home - My Time.

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Displaying Time for an Email or Document 3346_Pro_plan_Swish.png 3345_Elite_plan_Swish.png

You can also see any Time that has been recorded for an email or document by expanding the Time section in an email or document drawer. This is useful to check if you have already entered the time details for that email/document.

Refer to Using the Email Drawer and Using the Document Drawer.


Displaying Time on the Client or Job Workspace 3345_Elite_plan_Swish.png

When displaying, opening and working with Time and Disbursements in the Client - Time tab, the list is the same as if you were to view the Job workspace and click on the Job - Time tab.

By default, the tab displays the view with "All" Time and Disbursements. You can select from a dropdown to select other views, such as "All - Draft", "All - Draft Time", and "All - Draft Disbursement". These views can be created and saved from the Practice - Time tab. Refer to Practice - Time.

The Client - Time tab displays as follows.


The Time Tab functions the same way as a Documents List, in that users can add/remove columns, filter and sort. Refer to Using the Documents Lists.

Click on the row to display the Update Time drawer. You can make adjustments to the time if it has not yet been invoiced.

For each Time or Disbursement entry that has been invoiced, the Invoice icon will be displayed on the right of the row.


Click the icon to display the Drawer icon. 


Displaying Time for the Practice 3345_Elite_plan_Swish.png

The Practice - Time List is an overview of Time and Disbursement entries added to FYI for all users. The list displays important information, like the status of time, if the time has been invoiced, and the Write on/off value.

 Note: Practice Activity is available only to FYI Admins, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions     enabled for Practice Activity.


Using the Sorting and Filtering features, the list can be narrowed to specific entries. You can also use the List tools to save and export the List. Refer to Practice - Time.

Updating Time and Disbursements

If the Time or Disbursement has a status of Draft or Submitted click on the row to open either the Update Time or Update Disbursement drawer. 

Invoiced Time and Disbursement entries cannot be edited.

The following is an example of the Update Disbursement drawer for a submitted disbursement.


The following is an example of an Invoiced timesheet.


Deleting Time and Disbursements

Time and Disbursements can be deleted if they have the status of either Draft or Submitted. Time and Disbursements with a status of Invoiced cannot be deleted. Refer to Deleting Time and Disbursements.

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