Displaying and Updating Time

From your Home workspace, use the My Time tab to display the Time you have added.

Your Home - My Time will also show any draft time that you have created using the Bulk Time Entry function.

You can use this to add a Job or XPM Task to a Time entry if this is missing and to check and adjust the XPM Task that has been assigned automatically if needed. When Workflow Jobs are enabled for your practice, when updating the Job in a Time entry that has been entered, the Workflow Jobs are displayed in the Job drop-down as well as the Billing Jobs. If a Billing Job is selected in the Job drop-down, the corresponding Workflow Jobs are displayed for the selection in the XPM Task field.

Refer to Using Bulk Time Entry to Create Draft Time.

Using your Home - My Time

In your Home - My Time, click on a date to display the time entries. The following example shows three individual time entries that have been added. Two have a Status of "Submitted" and one of "Draft".


  • The count in the My Time tab shows the count of Draft time entries that you have in the current week. This count is updated as you submit time entries.
  • The dates default to the current week. Click the start or end date to display the calendar to select a different date range.
  • Any dates that still have Draft time, either incomplete or ready for submitting, show as bold in your My Time. This also shows a summary of the hours Submitted, any Draft hours and a count of the number of draft entries, either incomplete or ready to be submitted.
  • For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, Time entries with the Status set as "Submitted" are synchronised to Xero Practice Manager. Time entries are queued and can take up to 15 minutes to sync.

Summary of Submitted and Draft Totals for the Day

Next to the date, a summary displays the total time that has been submitted for that day, the total of any Draft hours that have been entered and a count of the number of Draft entries, either incomplete or ready for to be submitted.

As you add the hours to the time entries, this summary allows you to keep a running check on the total hours you have entered for a date.


Submitted Time Entries

  • No changes can be made to Time that is "Submitted".
  • You can click the Open in PM button to display the Time entry in Xero Practice Manager.
  • To delete the Submitted Time entry, click the drop-down next to Open in PM and select Delete.


Syncing Time Entries

  • Time entries that have been submitted and are yet to synchronise with Xero Practice Manager display the status "Syncing".
  • No changes can be made to Time that is "Syncing".
  • Once synchronised, the status will automatically update to "Submitted"


Draft Time Entries

For a draft time entry, single-click the Time field directly in the My Time list to edit or add this.


Single-click the Notes field directly in the My Time list to edit or add this.


For a draft time entry, click on a row to open the Update Time drawer where you can make any changes. 

You can use the Update Time drawer to update the Time hours, the Notes, make any changes to the filing details, and change the Job and/or XPM Task. You can only select an open Job and or an open XPM Task.

When you're ready to submit the time, change the Status to "Submitted" and click Update.

If Workflow Jobs are enabled for your practice, if a Billing Job is selected in the Job drop-down, the corresponding Workflow Jobs are displayed for the XPM Task. If there is only one Workflow Job, this is automatically selected as the XPM Task for the Time entry. If a Workflow Job is selected, the XPM Task does not need to be selected.

If your practice does not have Workflow Jobs enabled, when creating or editing a Time entry for a Job if there is only one XPM Task for the Job it will be automatically selected for the Time entry.


Using the Back Button
When the Update Time drawer is open, you can click on another draft Time Entry in the list to display it and leave the drawer open.

At the top of the Time drawer, the Back button can be used to re-display in turn the previously selected Time entries email or document in that list.


Note: When the drawer is open, you can also display a different date and select a different Time entry.
Update Time is only displayed if the Time entry has not been submitted.

Deleting a Draft Time Entry

To delete a Draft time entry, click the drop-down next to Submit or Update and select Delete.


Submitting all Draft Time Entries for a Day

From your My Time, you can click the Submit Drafts button to submit all the Draft time entries for that date that are complete. This changes the Status to "Submitted" for those time entries. Any entries that are not complete are left as Draft.


The Submit Drafts button is only enabled if there are any draft time entries for that day that are ready for submitting and have hours entered and all have the information such as the Job and XPM Task selected.

Submitted Time Entries that cannot be Updated in Xero Practice Manager

After syncing, if a Time entry cannot be updated in Xero Practice Manager it will be automatically reset as Draft in FYI. This could be if the Job was set to "Completed" or "Cancelled" after adding the Time entry.

In this event, you can reopen the Job, or update the Time entry and change the selection of the Job, and submit the Time entry again.

Displaying Time in the Email or Document Drawer

You can also see any Time that has been recorded for an email or document by expanding the Time section in an email or document drawer. This is useful to check if you have already entered the time details for that email/document.


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