Overview - Co-Edit with your Team

The FYI Co-Edit function is for internal documents. It is similar to the Edit function except that, instead of locking a document so that only one person can work on a document, Co-Edit allows more than one internal user to work on a document at the same time. This allows team members to work together on the same document, even remotely.

There may be certain documents that are left as Co-Edit all of the time, and some documents that are only set for Co-Edit while they are being prepared by multiple team members. Examples of when Co-Edit could be used are:

  • A marketing calendar that multiple users maintain.
  • Policies and Procedures that are being worked on by more than one person.
  • Workpapers in an Excel spreadsheet where both the preparer and the partner are working on the spreadsheet at the same time.

Co-Edit can only be used for Office document (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). It cannot be used for emails.

Co-Edit can also be used for Office document templates and Word stationery. Refer to Setting up Document Templates and Stationery.

Co-Edit is also used if you have any spreadsheets that have linked cells between the spreadsheets (refer to Co-Editing Excel Spreadsheets with Linked Cells, Macros and other Controls, or Links to specific Worksheets).

Co-Editing a document automatically creates a copy of the document in your practice's OneDrive Admin Account under the folder FYI - Co-Edits.

Any changes to a document must be made using the Office Online product (such as Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online).  Although the Office Online products do not have all the functionality of Office Desktop products, we strongly recommend that you always use the Online versions to avoid any conflicts when saving documents.

In the background, any changes to Co-Edited documents are saved back to FYI every 10 minutes. This is to limit any potential data loss (for example, if the document is accidentally deleted in OneDrive).

Refer to Configuring your Settings to Co-Edit Documents with your Team and Co-Editing an Internal Document.


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