Client Corporate Affairs (not displayed for UK sites)

The Corporate Affairs tab displays the ASIC annual statements that have been automatically imported from a third-party system such as BGL CAS 360 or NowInfinity.

This tab is not displayed for UK sites.

When imported from BGL:

  • A copy of the ASIC annual statements is filed in FYI and each holds a link to open the document directly from BGL. Any other documents imported from BGL are filed against the client and can be viewed in the Client - Documents tab.

When imported from NowInfinity:

  • Annual company statements are imported as PDFs from NowInfinity.
  • ASIC documents are received as a Web Link to the document in NowInfinity, not the full documents as PDF.
  • The Year displayed in the Corporate Affairs tab is taken from the "AnnualReview" field in NowInfinity. If you want the documents to show under a different Year, this can be changed for in the filing details for individual documents in  FYI.

If you select to view a Client Group at the top of the Client Workspace, the list shows the documents for all clients in that Client group and includes the Client column.

The summary of annual ASIC statements shows the status (for example, if the annual review fee has been signed or paid).

When integrated with NowInfinity, the Corporate Affairs tab also displays the client's corporate documents such as company formation, Trust and SMSF establishments documents.

The following is an example of the Corporate Affairs tab that displays for a Group.

The Corporate Affairs displays as follows.


To enable the information in the Corporate Affairs tab, the relevant compliance App (for example, BGL, NowInfinity) needs to be enabled by an FYI Admin for your practice. Refer to Import from BGLImport from NowInfinity and Automation Apps.


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