Client Settings

The Settings tab is where you can add or change the Settings for the Client and display any Custom Fields that have been set up for the Client in your practice management software.

Filing Defaults

Settings include the defaults for the Cabinet and Categories that are used when emails, documents and tasks are created for the client. The settings are also used when emails and document from users' Outlook are auto-filed (refer to Introduction to Email AutoFile). The Filing Defaults can be set for a Client either from FYI (refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client) or using the FYI Drawer in Outlook (Setting Filing Defaults for a Client from Outlook).

This tab is also where you can set the default Job (if relevant).

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Making Changes to the Client's Defaults
Making any changes to these settings will only be reflected in any new emails or documents created for that client, or any new incoming emails for that client, after the changes have been made. Any existing emails or documents for the client are not adjusted and will still show with the previous settings.

Send Attachment
The Send Attachment option is used to select the default for how attachments are sent (by Email, OneDrive or Postal Service, as relevant for your practice's FYI plan). Refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client.

If you have integrated FYI with myprosperity, you will also be able to select "myprosperity" as the service by which to Send Attachments.

Collaborate Folder Name

As documents are shared with clients, a folder within the Document Library will be created for each client. This is what we refer to as the "Share Folder".

The name of the folder is created using the Client Name, followed by the Client Identifier numerical code e.g. "Marshall, Frank-467456". This numerical code must not be modified or removed from the folder on the New Collaborate site.

The Client Identifier is displayed in the URL of the client in FYI. Please note that this is not the Client Code that is displayed in the Client - Summary tab in FYI.


Note: If the client is renamed, FYI will detect a mismatch between the client's name and the client folder on the New Collaborate site, and display a Fix it button. To update a client's Share Folder on Collaborate, and ensure all links are updated, refer to Renaming a Client with New Collaborate Shared Folder and Files

Include in AutoFile

This tab also holds a setting for nominating the client to Include in AutoFile. Where the client is part of a Client Group, it is likely the clients in the group will use the same email address. Selecting which of these clients is to be used for the AutoFile determines which will be used when emails are automatically filed. Only clients nominated as Include in AutoFile will be considered during automatic filing of emails. This can easily be changed in FYI if emails and documents need to be refiled under a different client in the group.

If no client has been nominated, and if an email is received where the email address is shared by more than one client, the email is automatically marked as "Multiple Clients". When filing the email from the In Tray, a list of the clients who hold that email address displays in the drawer, so you can select which client to file it under.

To change the Include in AutoFile setting for the client, click to tick or untick Include in AutoFile.

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On the Clients list, you can include the column Include in Autofile in the Clients list to see which client will be used when auto-filing when the email is shared by more than one client. Refer to Using the Clients Lists. You can also use the Duplicates function to display any clients which have the same email address and from this you can select which client to nominate to include in AutoFile. Refer to Nominating the Client to Include in AutoFile

Time Rate 3345_Elite_plan_Swish.png

Practices on the Elite Plan using FYI for Practice Management will be able to specify a default Time Rate for the client.

When creating time manually or using AutoTime, the Rate will be selected automatically based on a hierarchy of Client - Job - User. Client Rates are at the top of the hierarchy, so if selected, this rate will always be applied automatically. If required, users can select a new rate before submitting the time. Refer to Time Overview

To create new Rates, refer to Managing Rates for Time and Disbursements.

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