Sending Emails Immediately or Saving a Draft

When creating emails in FYI, you have the option to send the email immediately or to save a draft to send later. 

When creating an email, in the Save or Send field, you can select one of the following:

  • Send Immediately
  • Draft in FYI
  • Draft in Outlook


You can also create an email entirely within Outlook. Refer to Creating an Email from Outlook.

Send Immediately

This feature is useful when creating a new email and you don't need to make any changes to the email content (for example, when using a template)

You can also create a new email as Draft in FYI. The Editor will be displayed so you can enter the details of the email. If you then want to send the email, at the top of the Editor, click Send.


Draft Emails

You can create a draft email as Draft in FYI or Draft in Outlook. By default, this is set as Draft in FYI.

Note: If a draft email will need to be edited or reviewed by any other users within your practice, it must be created in FYI as an email draft using the Draft in FYI.

Draft in FYI

By selecting Draft in FYI, you can create the email and save it as draft in FYI to send later or so it can be edited, reviewed, or sent by another user.

Note: When creating an email as Draft in FYI, if you have an Email Signature set up for your practice that includes Merge Fields, or if you have selected a Template that contains certain Merge Fields such as those that relate to the Author of the email, these will be merged into the email when it is sent, or if the email is saved as Draft in Outlook (refer to Creating Email Templates and Signatures). The Merge Fields are only applied when the final sender of the email has been determined. Merge fields do not display when editing the email in FYI. You can use the Preview function from the Email Editor to see how all the Merge Fields will populate. Refer to Previewing the Draft in FYI Email in Creating an Email in FYI.

For details and examples of using Draft in FYI, refer to Creating an Email in FYI.

Draft in Outlook

Draft in Outlook allows you to access Outlook functionality such as additional recipients, setting an Importance flag or Read Receipt, or attaching documents from your computer or cloud locations.

When you click Create, the following popup displays. The email is sent to your FYI - Drafts folder in Outlook, where you can open and edit the email in Outlook before sending it.


In FYI, once you click "Draft in Outlook" the following actions take place:

  • The Delivery field is set to "Sent"
  • The Workflow Status is set to "Completed"

Important Note: Once the email has been created as a Draft in Outlook, if you make any changes from Outlook, you cannot send the draft back to FYI. You need to make all the required changes and send it from Outlook. In FYI, you can only Preview the email (with the Preview tab on the drawer).

Sending the email will remove it from your FYI - Drafts folder in Outlook and synchronise changes back to FYI.

While an email is in the FYI - Drafts folder, the FYI Drawer in Outlook cannot be used to update the filing details. The email will need to be sent, or alternatively, update the Filing Details for the draft email directly within FYI.

FYI - Drafts folder in your Outlook

It is important that you do not change the FYI - Drafts folder in your Outlook. It needs to be in your Outlook and as a top-level folder.

Do not move, delete or rename the FYI - Drafts folder in your Outlook.


If it is accidentally deleted, FYI will recreate it. If it is accidentally renamed, FYI will recreate it but make sure you are not looking for a draft in the renamed folder.

If you have an issue with Draft in Outlook emails, check the Status tab in your My Settings. This should show Outlook FYI Drafts as ticked and "Found". Refer to Individual Settings and Status.

If this does show as "Found", check if you have moved the FYI - Drafts folder, for example, to make it a subfolder within another folder in your Outlook.

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