Using the Drawer

FYI holds information related to an email, document, task, job, or client interaction (such as a meeting, phone call, or file note) in the Drawer.

The Drawer displays on the right-hand side of the screen whenever you select an email, document or job in a list. Use the Drawer to update document details, for example, change the name. Refer to Displaying the Drawer in FYI, Outlook and Office.

It also displays whenever you create new emails, documents, tasks, or client interactions in FYI. Refer to Using the + button to Create.

Watch our 3-minute introduction to Using the Drawer:

Using the Drawer for Emails and Documents

The information available from the Drawer will depend on the type of document, email or interaction.

This is where you can: 

  • Change the Name of an email, document or interaction
  • Update Filing information
  • View or add Tasks 
  • Display recent Activity 
  • Access Recent Documents created for the client
  • Preview an email or document
  • Add Comments for your team
  • Initiate, view or change a Workflow
  • View or add Time information
  • Mark an email or document as Starred for easy access (Starred functions are available for practices on the Intermediate and Pro plan).

For emails, you can also:

  • View the Thread related to the email or attachment
  • Display email addresses for People associated with the email
  • Display any attachments for the email

Refer to Using the Email Drawer.

And for documents you can:

  • Display and access previous Versions of the document


Refer to Using the Document Drawer.

Using the Task Drawer

The Drawer is used to Create or Update a task.

It is also where you can:

  • Display and update details such as Task Name, Assignee, Due Date, Status and more.
  • Preview the email or document the task was created for.
  • Add Comments for your team.|


Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

Using the Job Drawer

The Drawer holds information related to Jobs. This is where you can:

  • Display and update Job Details
  • Display and access Recent Documents for the job
  • Display XPM Tasks and XPM Milestones from Xero Practice Manager
  • View or add Tasks related to the Job
  • View Activity for the Job

945 Drawer Job No Workflow Jobs.gif

Refer to Using the Job Drawer.

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