Task Notifications

Task Notifications can be sent when Tasks are completed and when Comments are added to Tasks.

Notifications on Completed Tasks

When the Status of a task is marked as Complete, as well as updating the task in FYI, a Notification is sent to notify the delegator. The Notification of a completed task includes the name of the Assignee who completed the task.

If you wish to receive email notifications, you can configure your settings.

  1. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select My Settings from the drop-down. 
  3. Go to the Profile tab.
  4. In Notification Mode, select Email.

Go to Settings - My Settings - Profile to specify your notification mode as “Email”

Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings.

Notifications on Comments on Tasks

Users referenced in a Comment on a Task will also receive notifications via email or their Home - Notifications, depending on their preferences.

In your Home - Notifications:

  • If you have been mentioned in a Comment, click on the first line in the Notification ("mentioned you in a document", "mentioned you in a job", "mentioned you in a task") to display the Task or the Comment on a document.
  • If you have been assigned a Task, click on the first line in the Notification ("assigned you a task") to display the Task.

Where there is a long message in the Notifications, the first line is displayed with three dots (...).


Refer to Adding Comments and Notifying Team Members.

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