Using Comments on Tasks

The Comments feature allows questions, updates, and commentary to be added to Tasks via the Drawer. Email notifications can be sent automatically to FYI users referenced in the Comments, depending on the user’s preference. This helps team members to collaborate on tasks.

Viewing Comments in Lists

When a Comment has been added to an email, document or task, the Comments icon is displayed in the lists.


The Tasks list displays as follows.


Viewing Comments on a Task

In FYI, click on the relevant task in one of the lists.
The Comment tab displays at the side of the FYI Drawer.
This shows the number of comments already on that task, or displays "0" if there are no comments yet.

Click the Comment tab on the side of the Drawer to display the Comments pane.
This is where you can view Comments on the Task and add a new Comment.

Adding Comments on a Task

Use the “Your Comment” field in the Comments pane to add a Comment to the Task.

To tag another user type “@” and select from the drop-down list of your FYI users. A notification will be sent to the user and appear in Home - Notifications. Refer to Comments and Notifications. If the user has Email Notification set to "Email" in Settings - Profile they will also receive the notification as an email. Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings.

You can add more than one name to notify more than one team member of your comments. Refer to Adding Comments and Notifying Team Members.


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