Logging into FYI with an Email Alias set up using Magic Link

Where users have a different email address in your practice management software and for Microsoft 365, FYI allows for an Email Alias, (that is, the Microsoft 365 email address) to be used as an alternate to the practice management software email address. 

The Microsoft 365 email alias for a user is only added after the user has proven their identity by sending a Magic Link to an authorised email address listed in your practice management software, that they can access and click to activate.

The user must have access to a mailbox linked to a Xero Practice Manager account, otherwise, the user will be unable to access FYI.

To avoid external email addresses being added as an alias, we recommend using the Google Chrome Profiles feature to avoid seeing a 'No Active User' page if already logged into a dedicated customer email address.

Linking an Email Alias to your FYI Login Email Address

  1. Start FYI in the usual way https://go.fyi.app

  2. When prompted, login with your Microsoft 365 email address.

  3. A message displays "No active user". Refer to Error "No active user" when logging into FYI.
  4. Click the here link next to the prompt "This can be done using FYI's secure Magic Link".


    If you do not see the link, refer below to Option to the Magic Link is not showing.

  5. Enter the email address that you use to log in to your practice management software.

    Note: This must be the email address that is active in your practice management software.


  6. Click Get Magic Link to send an email to your practice management software email address.

  7. Open the email you receive and follow the prompts in the email to verify the link.

Once you have verified the link, you can then log in to FYI using the email address of the Microsoft 365 you have linked to your practice management software login email address.

The email address you have linked displays as the Email Alias in your User profile which can be displayed by an FYI Admin. Refer to Managing Users.

Note: To check which email address you have logged in with, click Settings in the top right-hand corner. This displays the name of the user and also the email address you have logged in as. Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings.

If you have, for example, your personal email address as your alias, email notifications from FYI will be sent to that email address.

The option to the Magic Link is not showing

Already logged into a Microsoft Account

You may already be logged into a Microsoft account if you click "Different Practice and Office Logins" and don't see the prompt "This can be done using FYI's secure Magic Link".

  1. Log out of the other account.
  2. Close the browser.
  3. Login to FYI again.

Email exists in a different FYI account

If you think this is the case, please contact the FYI Support Team

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